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Ociel Baena’s sister breaks her silence on his death

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Ociel Baena, death, judge, Mexico, sister
Ociel Baena's sister speaks out (Photo: Electoral Court of the State of Aguascalientes/AP)
  • Ociel Baena’s sister breaks her silence.
  • She reveals alleged threats.
  • Does she believe it was a murder-suicide?

Just three days ago, Mexico was shaken by the news of Judge Jesús Ociel Baena’s tragic murder.

He was a pioneer for LGBTQ rights in the judicial field by becoming the first official of his stature to identify as non-binary.

The  Aguascalientes Attorney General’s Office is continuing to investigate the case.

However, speculation about the circumstances surrounding his death has intensified, and a shadow of mystery surrounds the tragedy.

Judge Ociel Baena’s brutal murder

investigation, Aguascalientes Prosecutor's Office, double homicide, revelations
PHOTO: Electoral Court of the State of Aguascalientes

Initial theories about the murder suggested that the judge’s partner, Dorián Daniel Nieves, may have killed Baena and before killing himself.

This what the Aguascalientes prosecutor said in a press conference. However, since then, people have begun to question this version of events.

It should be noted that there are many people who believe that both men were murdered by someone else.

Ociel Baena’s sister, visibly distraught, has finally decided to break her silence and made several statements to the media.

What did Ociel Baena’s sister say?

 sister, family disagreement, Jesús Figueroa, judicial tragedy, Mexico
PHOTO: Electoral Court of the State of Aguascalientes

The judge’s sister shared distressing details about alleged threats that Ociel Baena received days before his tragic murder.

She talked about her parents’ constant concern over the couple’s safety, revealing that the threats were received four days before the terrible night.

«We were always checking on them, how they were, how they were doing, and all because of the threats he had received four days before,» shared Ociel Baena’s sister.

She said the threats came through social media in the middle of a live broadcast.

The judge allegedly received death threats

 suicide, uncertainty, couple, relationship, truth

Because of this, the family has questions about what really happened.

«We don’t know who he or she is. It was through social media; it was through a live broadcast, but that’s all we know,» she added.

In the midst of her pain, Ociel Baena’s sister denied speculation that it was a murder-suicide.

«They loved each other very much, they were very happy,» she stated with conviction, challenging the accusations against Dorián Daniel Nieves.

The family contradicts the prosecutor

clarification, versions, media, Ociel Baena
PHOTO: Electoral Court of the State of Aguascalientes

According to El Informador, the Aguascalientes prosecutor, Jesús Figueroa, declared that Ociel Baena was murdered by his partner with a knife, before he then killed himself.

Although this theory may seem incredible to many, Figueroa stressed the importance of being careful in evaluating the evidence.

The Aguascalientes prosecutor ended up leaving open the possibility of new revelations in the coming days, but people do not believe what officials have already said.

Contrary to official statements, Baena’s family says they don’t agree with what Figueroa believes happened.

Protests break out in Mexico

testimony, hypothesis, criticism, official, country, clarity, indications, Ociel Baena

The statements made by the prosecutor have generated more questions about what really happened to Ociel Baena and his partner.

While investigation continues, uncertainty and sadness persist, marking a dark chapter in Mexico’s judicial history.

The death of Judge Jesús Ociel Baena has created an enormous uproar throughout the country and among the LGBTQ+ community.

Meanwhile, there is hope that justice will prevail as many believe that the killers are still out there. Watch the video HERE.

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