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Is one of Nostradamus’ predictions for 2024 already coming true?

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Nostradamus's predictions for 2024, MundoNOW, Nostradamus
Nostradamus' predictions for 2024 (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Nostradamus’ predictions for 2024.
  • He foresaw a terrible tragedy
  • Has one of his prophecies already come true?

Nostradamus is one of most beloved seers of all time, and the astrologer’s prediction that could be coming true is stunning.

This year began with various tragedies that struck fear among the public, sparking a renewed interest in Nostradamus’ prophecies.

One of his prophecies has to do with chemtrails produced by airplanes.

Many of his predictions have come true in the past, such as the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the fall of the Twin Towers.

Nostradamus’ predictions for 2024

Nostradamus prediction 2024, prophecies, esotericism, psychic, MundoNOW
Photo: Getty Images

Nostradamus, whose prophecies have proven to come true in the past, left a legacy that continues to intrigue those seeking answers.

Now, his chemtrails prophecy has sparked interest in light of  recent tragedies.

This particular prophecy focuses on an enigma described by the famous French apothecary and doctor, which is worrisome.

The year 2024 is considered a crucial turning point for lovers of prophecies and the mystical.

What prophecy are they talking about?

 tragedies, climate change, aviation, environment, greenhouse effect
Photo: Getty Images

The words of the famous seer have been reinterpreted to pertain to current events.

The Royal Bird upon the solar City, Seven Months together shall make a nocturn angury,
The Eastern Wall shall fall, the Lightning shall shine, Then the enemies shall be at the Gate for seven days.

Prophecy enthusiasts interpret the “royal bird” as commercial airplanes that cause serious damage to the environment.

Did Nostradamus predict a climate catastrophe?

 air transport, pollution, aircraft, fulfilled prophecy, Queen Elizabeth II, Twin Towers
Photo: Shutterstock

According to the followers of Nostradamus, the connection between this «nocturn augury» and lightning is closely related to the fury of the earth.

In addition, they believe that the vision concerns climate change that has been increasing in recent years.

The debate surrounding the chemtrails prophecy intensifies when considering the environmental impact of aircraft.

A recent incident in Japan where two planes collided and one ended up catching fire have raised questions.

An open discussion?

Eastern Sea, fury of nature, natural disasters, geopolitical events, divination
Photo: Shutterstock

Nostradamus’ prediction could be connected to the trails of toxic gases that airplanes leave in their wake.

It fuels concern about the levels of greenhouse gases generated by the growing fleet of aircraft that fly through the skies daily.

Even those don’t believe in Nostradamus are concerned about the environmental impact of airplanes.

The connection between the «royal bird» and commercial aircraft underlines the need to understand events happening today.

Two planes collided in Japan

bleak future, environmental awareness, collective action, responsibility
Photo: AP

At the beginning of January, Japanese authorities reported two planes collided, killing five people.

According to the BBC a Japan Airlines plane collided with a Coast Guard aircraft on the runway at Haneda airport in Tokyo.

The Japan Airlines plane was landing in Tokyo from Sapporo, days after the powerful earthquake that shook Japan.

The earthquake was a painful chapter in the country’s history.

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