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North Carolina legislature considering bill that requires sheriffs to collaborate with ICE

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North Carolina Sheriffs May Cooperate with ICE, ICE immigrant jail- cárcel inmigrantes ICE
North Carolina considering controversial immigration bill (Photo: MundoNOW Archive)
  • North Carolina legislators are considering a harsh immigration law.
  • It would require sheriffs to cooperate with ICE.
  • It mirrors similar laws in other red states.

Bad news for undocumented immigrants living in North Carolina!

Legislators are pushing a bill that would require sheriffs throughout the state to cooperate with ICE.

According to Enlace Latino, the bill is titled «HB 10: Require Sheriffs to Cooperate with ICE.»

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Bad news for undocumented immigrants

ICE tracks down victims, North Carolina Sheriffs May Cooperate with ICE
North Carolina legislators considering controversial immigration bill / PHOTO: MH archives

The North Carolina Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill on April 30.

It was approved in the state House of Representatives in March and it is now up to the state Senate to review it.

Does this law only affect undocumented immigrants? It could be harmful to all immigrants who are suspected of committing a crime.

It requires local authorities to report any immigrant who is detained.

North Carolina legislators seem set to pass HB 10

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Local sheriffs will be responsible for making detainees available to ICE.

There are two actions that sheriffs will be required take.

They must inform ICE about detainees facing certain types of criminal charges. They are also required to hold individuals for an additional 48 hours when requested by immigration authorities if they are accused of any offense.

This week will be crucial to see if North Carolina legislators advance the proposal and if it passes the state Senate.

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