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Nex Benedict: The non-binary student who died after being beaten in a school bathroom

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Non-bindary student Nex Benedict (PHOTO: The Associated Press)
  • Non-binary student Nex Benedict was attacked in a high school bathroom.
  • She died the next day.
  • The community is in shock.

The community of Owasso, Oklahoma, is still in shock after the tragic death of Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old student.

The non-binary student who lost their life after a violent altercation in the school bathroom.

Nex Benedict, also known as Dagny Ellis Benedict, was the victim of a brutal attack on the premises of Owasso High School.

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Photo: MundoNOW

The tragic death of non-binary student Nex Benedict

non-binary student nex benedict, oklahoma, bathroom, bullies
Photo: The Associated Press

The incident occurred on February 7, 2024 during school hours, according to Owasso police.

Nex was seriously injured in the beating.

Although other students and school staff quickly intervened to stop the fight, they weren’t fast enough.

School and police quickly took steps to investigate the incident and provide support to the affected students and families.

Statement from Owasso Public Schools

non-binary student nex benedict, bathroom, death, oklahoma
Photo: Shutterstock

«Once the altercation was broken up, all students involved in the altercation walked under their own power to the assistant principal’s office and nurse’s office,» a statement from Owasso Public Schools says.

«Following district protocols, each of the students involved in the altercation was given a health assessment by a district registered nurse,» it continues.

«Per district protocols, students needing further support are transported to a medical facility either by ambulance or by a parent/guardian.»

However, the statement added that this is done «depending on the severity of the injuries and preference of the parent/guardian.»

What Nex’s mother said

The Latest, Oklahoma, Community, Impact, Mourning
Non-binary student Nex Benedict / Photo: Shutterstock

«[I]t was recommended to one parent that their student visit a medical facility for further examination,» the statement goes on.

Nex’s mother, in an interview with The Independent., expressed her shock and pain at the tragedy that took her child’s life.

She recounted how Nex had been beaten during the altercation, suffering bruises on their face, eyes, as well as scratches on their back and head.

According to their mother’s statement, Benedict had been involved in a dispute with other students in the bathroom.

Nex Benedict was injured in the fight

Injuries, Grief, Vigils, Tribute, Non-binary gender
Non-binary student Nex Benedict / Photo: Shutterstock

During the fight, Nex suffered serious injuries, including a blow to the head, which it is believed ultimately led to their death.

The news of Nex Benedict’s death caused deep sadness in the Owasso community and beyond.

More than twenty people gathered at a local church to pay tribute to Benedict’s memory.

They did this through an emotional vigil organized by McAlester Rainbow Connection, according to The Associated Press.

Reflection and solidarity after the tragedy

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Photo: Shutterstock

The tragic loss of non-binary student Nex Benedict highlights the importance of addressing the safety and well-being of all students.

It also underscores the need to raise awareness and promote an environment of respect and acceptance, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Authorities continue to investigate the incident to determine exactly what happened.

The community comes together in solidarity to honor the life and legacy of a young person who was taken too soon.

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