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Nodal and Marc Anthony dance together and make fun of how they look

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Nodal and Marc Anthony, Duo, Singers, MundoNow, News
Nodal and Marc Anthony (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Poeple make fun of Christian Nodal and Marc Anthony
  • A clip of them dancing went viral
  • «It looks like a dry stick,» they said.

Christian Nodal and Marc Anthony were mocked by Internet users, after a video of both of them showing their best dance moves was released.

The comical moment went viral on social media and Internet users did not hesitate to make comparisons between both singers due to their style.

In some comments, they highlighted the physical appearance of the “Flor Pálida” performer and assured that he is too thin compared to Nodal.

Likewise, doubt arose about a possible collaboration between both artists and fans highlighted that it could happen at any time.


Christian Nodal, Marc Anthony, dance, music, viral, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Getty Images

The singers are being mocked after a video of both of them highlighting their talent on the dance floor and showing off their dance moves went viral.

In a video shared on social media, Nodal and Marc Anthony are shown having a good time and laughing at the situation in which they were involved.

«Look who is dancing! Nodal and Marc Anthony!», reads the description of the clip they shared through Instagram stories.

The spontaneity and fun conveyed by the artists not only generated laughter, but also unleashed a wave of comparisons between both artists.

«It looks like a dry stick»

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Photo: Mezcalent

Through the comments of the video shared by the Despierta América account, Internet users did not hesitate to react to the steps of both singers.

«Marc Anthony looks like a dry stick, nothing here, nothing there,» «Anthony’s little legs, hahaha, that naked man is a skull,» they declared online.

The humorous memes about this difference did not wait, showing Nodal as someone who is «stiff» when dancing.

«They’re both stiff» «But Nodal definitely does it better!» «Nodal lacks that tropical flavor,» fans revealed.

The most anticipated collaboration among fans?

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PHOTO: Getty Images

Amid the laughter and jokes, speculation arose about the possibility of a collaboration between these two titans of music.

«A great voice and talent that many would like, like Nodal, in different types of music,» they highlighted on social media.

«Two incredibly privileged voices! It would be an exceptional collaboration,” they revealed in comments, after highlighting the possibility of a duet.

Excited fans began to fuel the idea that this fun encounter on the dance floor could be the prelude to a future musical collaboration.

What happened to Nodal?

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

Nodal and Anthony’s ability to laugh at themselves and share their enthusiasm for dancing resonated with many fans, because of how sporadic it was.

«Several years ago in Houston, Nodal opened a concert for Marc when he was just starting out. What a good duo,» said Internet users.

«They don’t dance at all, but they sing beautifully», «How beautiful! There is plenty of talent in both of them,” declared the fans, who came out to defend them from criticism.

The connection between Nodal and Anthony was not only limited to dancing, but also became a source of inspiration for creatives on social media.

What the fans want!

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

Some Internet users praised the open-mindedness of both singers when participating in this experience. TO WATCH VIDEO CLICK HERE.

Furthermore, they highlighted that events like this are a chance to break barriers and unite fans of different musical styles.

Both Nodal and Marc Anthony are working on musicals Projects and doing tours both in the United States and in Mexico.

Likewise, the great friendship that remains between these two exponents of Hispanic music stood out. One of them with salsa and tropical rhythms, while the second in regional Mexican.

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