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Niurka Marcos mourns the death of Juan Osorio’s mother

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Niurka Marcos Mourns, Juan Osorio, Televisa, MundoNow, News
Niurka Marcos in mourning (PHOTO Mezcalent)
  • Niurka Marcos mourns the death of Emilio’s grandmother.
  • Condolences from colleagues and followers.
  • Reflection on love and life.

Through his official Instagram account, Mexican producer Juan Osorio shared the sad news of the death of his mother, Catalina Ortíz E., moving followers and colleagues.

The Televisa producer revealed that his beloved mother left this world on Saturday, November 18, although he decided to share the painful loss just a few days ago.

It was through his social media that the producer revealed his moving tribute to say goodbye to the woman who gave him life.

Through the comments, various personalities came together to give him their condolences, while his ex-partner Niurka Marcos spoke about it.

Juan Osorio emotional tribute

Luto, Mexico, Hombre, MundoNow, News
Niurka Marcos is in mourning PHOTO Mezcalent

In a post that contained a photograph of Mrs. Catalina Ortíz, Osorio wrote an emotional message upon her departure on November 18.

«I came to life in your arms and in my arms you go,» were the words with which he accompanied the photograph of the woman who gave him life.

«There has been no greater gift than that you were my mother… Life takes you in peace and you leave us all your love,» he expressed, showing his deep love and gratitude towards her.

Additionally, the producer added another tribute to his mother, highlighting his focus on the quality of life she provided him.

Niurka Marcos Mourns The Death of Juan Osorio’s Mother

Niurka Marcos, Juan Osorio, Emilio Osorio, Death of Juan Osorio's mother, Mexico
Niurka Marcos is in mourning PHOTO Mezcalent

«Life tests you with very difficult moments,» Juan Osorio added in the social media post dedicated to his mother.

«But if you lived with your mother with quality of life and never held back from making her happy, you must value and understand when a cycle closes,» said the producer.

Niurka Marcos, Osorio’s former partner, joined in the condolences, expressing her respects for the woman who was her mother-in-law several years ago.

«She was an angel, a little angel,» she mentioned during her birthday celebration, demonstrating her appreciation for her ex-partner’s mother.

Niurka talks about Osorio’s mother

Juan Osorio, Emilio Osorio, Mexico, Death, mother of Juan Osorio
PHOTO Mezcalent

When questioned about her relationship with Osorio’s mother, Niurka claimed to have maintained a good relationship with Emilio Osorio’s grandmother.

«I was always a great partner for Juan, very concerned about family unity,» she explained, remembering her role in her ex-partner’s life and her participation in strengthening the family relationship.

She was asked if the departure of her former mother-in-law would be a reason to create dialogue between her and Juan Osorio, something that she clarified would not happen.

She explained that with the death of Emilio’s grandmother, the one who should take refuge in the support of the Osorio family would be her son and not she who has been separated from them for a long time.

Union in memory and gratitude

Party, Juan Osorio, Famous, Celebrity, Mexico
PHOTO Mezcalent

With the departure of Catalina Ortíz E., Juan Osorio and Niurka Marcos unite in memory and gratitude for the life of a woman who, despite the circumstances, left a significant impact on their lives.

The message shared by Osorio not only honors his mother, but also reflects on the love and quality of time dedicated to her, transmitting a message of acceptance at the close of a life cycle.

The community on social media has united in messages of support and affection towards the father of Emilio Osorio and Marcos, recognizing the importance of valuing every moment with our loved ones.

And thus honoring the legacy of those who now rest in peace. To see the video of Niurka Marcos click HERE.

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