Inicio » English » Niurka appears without clothes and showing her attributes, but something goes wrong and she’s called ‘ordinary’ (PHOTOS)

Niurka appears without clothes and showing her attributes, but something goes wrong and she’s called ‘ordinary’ (PHOTOS)

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  • Niurka Marcos appears on social networks once again without clothes.
  • The Cuban causes controversy as a man grabs her breasts.
  • “Style and sensuality,” wrote the actress.

Niurka Marcos without clothes. The Cuban Niurka Marcos becomes again a hot topic, since lately she has been in the eye of the hurricane for appearing both on social networks and on television showing her attributes without shame, now the actress decided to appear naked in a photograph.

On this occasion, the vedette posted a series of photographs on her Instagram account, where she poses with other models, but she does it naked, revealing her natural body again, while a man grabs her breasts.

Niurka Marcos appears naked

Niurka Marcos without clothes

Apparently Niurka was in a photo shoot, along with several men, where she is only wearing black pants, and without a blouse, only a headband is covering her great attributes that she constantly boasts before the media and that this time someone is seizes them.

At just over 53 years of age, the Cuban dancer and actress Niurka, also called by her fans as “Mama Niu”, constantly delights the pupil of Internet users who follow her on her social networks, for showing off her statuesque body in images heart attack.

Niurka Marcos without clothes: They grab her breasts

Niurka Marcos without clothes 2

In the publication of the Cuban, it is possible to observe how one of the models is right behind her, while he is grabbing her breasts with one hand and with the other he is roughly choking her. It is worth mentioning that this was part of the photo session that the dancer made.

“Wasting style and sensuality. . Thanks to the great team that made it happen ”, this was the headline he wrote in his post, where she is naked and a model is enjoying the great attributes of the Cuban starlet, who has triumphed both in music and in music. performance.

Niurka Marcos without clothes: Are you already fed up with it?

Niurka Marcos without clothes 3

The Instagram profile of the morning show of Tell me what you know, shared the images where the Cuban appears naked showing and showing off her body, apparently it was not to the liking of the followers, who described her as vulgar, some even mentioned that they were already fed up with her.

Pure filter because her reality is that she already has the face of a Man “,” Vulgar as always “,” We are already fed up with her “,” Her face is now thick it looks like a man that photo has more Photoshop “,” Very vulgar , It seems a porn actress, always ordinary “,” Spectacular a scientific discovery … This is vulgarity at its best “, were some comments.

Niurka Marcos without clothes: The actress stands out in the entertainment world

Niurka Marcos without clothes 4

Niurka Melanie Marcos Calle, who has become famous under the stage name Niurka, is an actress, singer and television presenter of Cuban origin who since the 90s has built an artistic career in Mexico. He was born on November 25, 1967 in Havana, Cuba. She is the daughter of Carmelo Marcos and Celestina Calle, who despite knowing that their daughter had built a career in Mexico, decided to continue living in Havana.

From a very young age, Niurka developed a special taste for the performing arts, a passion that led her to seek professional training in this area. With this objective in mind, she decided to enter the prestigious National Circus School of Cuba, where she perfected the dance and acting techniques that would later lead her to start an artistic career in Mexico.

Niurka Marcos without clothes: The Cuban is recognized in Mexico

Niurka Marcos without clothes 5

As a vedette, Marcos has performed in important musical works in Mexico, among which are “Perfume de Gardenia”, “Aventurera” and “¡Qué rico mambo!”; In addition, she has taken advantage of her fame to be part of reality shows such as “Big Brother” and “Rica, famous and Latin”, as well as the game shows “Mira who baila” and “México baila”.

One of her most memorable performances was in 2006, when she played the role of Paula María Fernández in “La fea más bella”, a Mexican adaptation of the international hit “Yo soy Betty, la fea”. As a singer, she has recorded five studio albums, although she has given priority to her television appearances.

Niurka is cheeky and shows her attributes


A few weeks ago through her Instagram account, the Cuban turned on her profile with a tremendous image, and the actress and singer decided to share a photo session posing in the sea on top of a stone, but with an incomplete bikini since only She wears the bottom, exposing her breasts.

The shared images have unleashed the lust of his followers who were left with their mouths open when they saw that Niurka poses before the camera without a bra to show off her great attributes. The post immediately got a lot of reactions and comments.

Niurka Bikini Breasts: Uncensored


This was the last post that the Cuban Niurka Marcos shared on her Instagram profile, where she appears falling in love with users, showing them her breasts, without any censorship, it is worth mentioning that the Cuban wears only part of her pink bikini, while she is leaning on a rock by the sea.

Immediately the followers reacted to the publication to leave their opinions about it: “Niurka is very beautiful, you are my idol, you do what you want and say what you want and apart from that you have a great body that we would like to be very envious of the good beautiful one ”, commented a fan. Filed Under: Niurka Marcos without clothes

Niurka bikini breasts: Rain of compliments


The fiery photographs have made different netizens send her their compliments for showing her body and her curves: “Beautiful! a queen ! Enjoy!! the life goes fast. The sea is the most beautiful and relaxing way to have peace. May God and the universe reward you with many blessings! ”.

“I love you with all my life and much much more Niurka, I am 26, I am willing to do whatever it takes to be your husband”, “I wish I was that beautiful”, “Beautiful mother niu”, “Always beautiful a love of person and more on the beach of Love “,” Beautiful beautiful goddess I love you mama niu “, were some comments. Filed Under: Niurka Marcos without clothes

Niurka appears in a daring bikini

The artist loves to show off her body, since previously the dancer Niurka Marcos raised the temperature again through her Instagram account, by sharing a series of photos showing her incredible curves in a tiny and sexy swimsuit two-piece that has captivated his fans.
In the images shared by the extravagant Cuban artist, you can see how she appears posing for the camera wearing her body in a sexy red bikini in what appears to be her room, leaving a heading in the publication: “Without flip flops and with flip flops.” Filed Under: Niurka Marcos without clothes

Niurka Marcos red bikini: A celebrity


Niurka Marcos has been characterized as a quite daring celebrity, as she constantly captivates her fans by showing off her figure with tiny and daring outfits that raise the temperature on social networks, even on several occasions she appears naked.

This has caused the number of followers on her social network profile to increase considerably, since in each post the Cuban takes the opportunity to satisfy her followers with provocative images that make them leave their compliments and compliments in the comments. Filed Under: Niurka Marcos without clothes. Some images in this note come from this Y this videos

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