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Erika Buenfil’s son Nicolás wears a dress on TikTok

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Nicolás Buenfil son in a dress (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Nicolás Buenfil wears a dress.
  • Some wonder about his sexuality.
  • Mixed reactions on social media.

Mexican actress Erika Buenfil’s son Nicolás is the center of a new controversy after sharing a TikTok video.

However, people have been wondering about the influencer’s sexuality for years.

He often posts content on social media that raises questions.

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Erika Buenfil’s son in the midst of controversy

Erika Buenfil, Actress, Celebrities, Controversy, Nicolás Buenfil with dress
Photo: Mezcalo

Once again Nicolás Buenfil is sparking controversy thanks to a recent TikTok video.

He appears with his mother, renowned actress Erika Buenfil.

In the video, Erika Buenfil’s son is wearing a sparkly beige dress.

He decided to accessorize the dress with a simple but cute pearl necklace. He was also barefoot in the video.

Nicolás Buenfil’s interesting wardrobe choice

Artist, Celebrities, Speculations, TikTok, Scandal
Photo: Mezcalo

This wardrobe choice has unleashed a wave of criticism and comments among his fans and detractors, as well as speculation about his sexual orientation.

From an early age, Nicolás has dealt with public scrutiny due to his active presence on social media and his cheerful personality.

He has always approached these situations with respect and clarity, denying rumors and maintaining a positive attitude in the face of adversity.

Nicolás once sparked controversy by sharing a photograph where he and his mother were both wearing pink wigs.

Erika Buenfil’s son faces rumors about his sexual orientation

Guidance, Rumors, Entertainment, Controversy, Speculation
Photo: Mezcalo

This was interpreted as a sign of his indifference towards criticism as well as his mother’s unconditional support.

Furthermore, Nicolás has appeared on social media with a woman who is rumored to be his girlfriend.

Although he has faced criticism and negative comments, Nicolás has chosen not to pay attention to the negativity.

The recent TikTok video where Nicolás is wearing a dress has generated mixed opinions among internet users.

Reactions on social media

Erika Buenfil's son, Nicolás Buenfil, Erika Buenfil, tiktok, dress
Photo: Meznivel

«Has he already come out?» «I missed him.» «What will the dad say?» «The poor guy is already looking good.» «He is sure of his sexuality and what they say matters to them,» were some comments.

«That kid without complexes.» «Admirable!! They are soulmates.» «What happened here?» «He is or he is not, make up your mind, boy.”

«He has prettier dresses than me.» «And he did it again.» «He doesn’t cooperate.» «Very flirtatious.» «Don’t be like the other influencers,» others added.

This situation has once again highlighted polarization on social media.

Nicolás Buenfil wears a dress on TikTok

Erika Buenfil's son, Nicolás Buenfil, Erika Buenfil, tiktok, dress
Photo: Screenshot TikTok Nicolás Buenfil

Erika Buenfil’s son has demonstrated on several occasions that he can stand firm in the face of adversity.

It is important to highlight that Nicolás is busy pursuing his dreams.

He is interested in pursuing acting like his mother, Erika Buenfil.

The controversy surrounding Nicolás wearing a dress reflects the challenges and the opportunities faced by people in the public eye. To see the video of Erika Buenfil’s son wearing a dress click HERE.

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