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Former New York police officer sentenced for murder of Mexican immigrants

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Nicholas Tartaglione sentenced, mexican immigrants, death, MundoNOW
Nicholas Tartaglione is sentenced for the deaths of four Mexican immigrants (Photo: AP)
  • Nicholas Tartaglione Sentenced
  • Former Police Officer Accused of Killing Four Immigrants
  • How did the crime happen?

A former New York police officer was sentenced today in federal court to serve four life sentences for the murders of four Mexican immigrants in 2016.

Their bodies were found on the individual’s property eight months after the victims disappeared from a bar in the north of the state.

Nicholas Tartaglione, 56, must serve the sentences consecutively for the deaths of Martín Luna and his nephews Miguel Luna and Urbano Santiago.

As well as Héctor Gutiérrez, a family friend, whom he kidnapped and murdered on April 11, 2016, according to the agency EFE.


Nicholas Tartaglione, Martín Luna, Miguel Luna, Urbano Santiago
Nicholas Tartaglione -Photo: X

This occurred because he suspected that Martín had stolen $250,000 intended for the purchase of cocaine, according to the Southern District of New York Prosecutor’s Office.

Upon announcing the sentence, Judge Kenneth Karas referred to Tartaglione as a «monster» who has shown no remorse for his conduct, states a press release.

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During last year’s trial, the prosecution pointed out that Tartaglione had accomplices and had planned his revenge.

He lured Martin to meet him at a bar, where he arrived with his two nephews and a friend.

How did the Mexican immigrants die?

Then Urbano, 35, Miguel, 25, and Héctor, 43, were taken by the former police officer and two accomplices to a wooded area.

Where they were murdered with a shot to the back of the head because they witnessed Martín’s murder, the Prosecutor’s Office pointed out.

It also indicated that the four victims were buried in a mass grave on the former police officer’s property, where they were found by the FBI in December 2016.

Nicholas Tartaglione was later a cellmate of convicted sex offender financier Jeffrey Epstein, EFE reported.

«He had to be held accountable»

«Thanks to the tireless efforts of countless law enforcement officers at the federal, state, and local levels,» the speech began.

«And to the relentless pursuit of justice by the prosecutors in my office, Tartaglione has been held accountable for his crimes,» said federal prosecutor Damian William.

Tartaglione worked for several suburban police departments before retiring due to disability from the Briarcliff Manor force in 2008, declared The Associated Press.

One of his alleged accomplices in the murders shot himself in his car in 2017 while FBI agents were preparing to arrest him.

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