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Nicaraguan loses $10,000 after being seduced by a fake Luis Miguel

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Woman scammed by fake Luis Miguel (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Woman scammed by fake Luis Miguel.
  • Loss of more than $10,000.
  • Painful journey from Las Vegas to Spain.

The image of the ‘Sun of America’ caught the attention of the Hispanic woman.

But it was the message accompanying the photograph of Luis Miguel that led Sandy Somarriba to lose over $10,000 and end up with a broken heart in a hostel in Spain.

The 73-year-old Nicaraguan remembers that over a year ago, she was scrolling through Facebook when she stumbled upon a fake account of the Mexican star.

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Deception on social media by a fake Luis Miguel

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Photo: Screenshot Nicas Reports

On the profile was his photo and it said, «Do you want to chat with me? Send me a message.» She fell into temptation and wrote, without imagining that there would begin the path to the worst romantic disappointment of her life.

«He said things that touched my heart, and I believed everything (…) because they were beautiful (…) and we all have that desire to be loved,» repeats the Hispanic woman, who resides in Las Vegas.

This in every interview after finding out in the cruelest way that everything was a deception.

The first payment, the Hispanic woman made it after the first messages, after the skillful scammer told her that to write more privately, she had to buy a fan card, valued at $500.

Loss of trust and money on the part of the Hispanic woman

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Photo: Shutterstock

The membership card was supposed to be delivered to her by mail, but it never arrived. The conversations moved from Facebook to WhatsApp and Google.

There, they began to seduce her with beautiful words and, at the same time, to request money for some expenses of the supposed artist.

«He told me to lend him $100 to pay for the internet… They asked me to pay for shipments through a company to receive packages,» Somarriba reproaches herself.

«I gave him $100, $200, like an idiot, to help him pay,» she added.

Broken illusions and disappointment

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Photo: Mezcalent

As time passed, she began to run out of resources to please the man she considered her partner.

«The other day, I was so stupid that I sold a diamond ring at a low price to help him with $800,» the Latina confesses sadly to the journalists.

According to the victim’s recollection, the interaction became affectionate over the phone, so she never thought it was a scam.

The stranger made her promises of love, swore to make her his wife, and suddenly promised to surprise her with an unforgettable encounter.

A trip from Las Vegas to Spain

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Woman scammed by a fake Luis Miguel-Photo: Shutterstock

In those conversations, as Somarriba recounts, the idea of ​​meeting in Madrid, Spain, arose.

Excited to meet the love of her life, Sandy Somarriba took a flight from Las Vegas, United States, and crossed the Atlantic with the sole purpose of supposedly meeting Luis Miguel.

No one was waiting for her at the airport in Madrid. Her heart broke upon discovering the deception, and at that moment, she reported the scam to the Spanish police.

She no longer had money to return and needed the help of authorities to find accommodation.

Emotional recovery and lessons learned

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Emotional recovery and lessons learned-Photo: Mezcalent

Finally, she was able to return home after a friend lent her $1,200 for the return ticket and her relatives sent her money.

«It’s a very sad situation, a very tough, painful lesson. I would go to sleep with his messages, wake up with his messages,» the Hispanic woman assures.

At this moment, she swears not to dwell on the lost money but to rebuild her shattered heart.

«Money can be replaced, but not a broken heart. Shattered, it’s not that easy,» she emphasizes in every interview since her story went viral. HERE is a photo.

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