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Newborn essentials: A list for your baby’s room

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Get ready for your baby’s arrival with these newborn essentials! The baby’s room requires certain products that are essential to guarantee the comfort of your new addition and those who will care for him or her. In this list, you will find the items that cannot be missing from your nursery — from hygiene products to special furniture. Find out what they are!

Crib or bassinet

One of the first and most important investments you will make for your baby’s room is a crib or bassinet. Although you can buy both, remember that the crib will always be useful for establishing good sleep habits. Try to shop around and choose a sturdy, good-sized crib made from high-quality materials that can last for years and adapt to the different stages of your child’s life.

Mattress is a newborn essential

a baby's room

The safety of newborns is the pillar on which decisions to purchase all items must be made. In this case, experts recommend choosing mattresses exclusively made of breathable materials. This will provide greater comfort for the baby, and will also ensure that your newborn’s skin will not suffer from allergic reactions due to rubbing against materials such as latex or foam.

Baby sheets

In a newborn’s room you cannot overlook sheets, pillows, covers and special fabrics to wrap the baby safely, keeping it comfortable at all times. It is very important to choose the right materials and check that the chosen fabrics are breathable. As for the covers, it is recommended that they be waterproof, so that cleaning is faster and more efficient.

Rocking chair

a baby's bedroom

The rocking chair is another newborn essential to place in the baby’s room. One of its main benefits is it’s great for feeding and lulling him or her to sleep. These types of chairs are not only useful when returning from the hospital and during the mother’s recovery, but also for the following stages of childhood (for example, for reading, spending time with the family, etc.)

Newborn essentials: changing table

There are multiple brands on the market that specialize in creating furniture for newborns with special compartments to house all the products that are used daily for baby care. These changing tables are designed to help newborn caregivers streamline all bathing and cleaning processes because, thanks to the layout of the drawers, it is possible to easily access items such as diapers, wipes, creams and more.

Diaper pail

Baby diapers

While conventional bins are convenient and some models help prevent diaper odor to some extent, there are other options to ensure your newborn’s room always smells good. One of the most recommended diaper pails is the Ubbi, which is available in different colors to customize according to the style of each room.

Baby bath

When it comes to cleaning supplies and bathtubs, the options are practically endless, but the first thing to look for is a safe option that is can be easily accommodated to each person’s bathing style. In specialized stores for baby items it is possible to find expandable bathtubs, adaptable to the bathtub, shower or sink, to create an agile and safe bathing experience.

First-aid kit


A first-aid kit is definitely one of the most important newborn essential in case the baby has minor injuries, chafing or rashes that do not require urgent medical attention. Among the items that it is advisable to keep in a first aid kit are: sterile gauze pads, syringes, saline solutions for the nose, antibiotic cream, thermometer and ointments, among others.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes, especially those that are fragrance-free, are essential for cleaning babies — especially when changing diapers. Wet wipes can prevent chafing and give the newborn a greater sense of comfort. For its use, experts recommend looking for chemical-free or biodegradable options.

Baby monitor


Placing a monitor in the baby’s room will help ensure his or her safety when you’re out of the room. The most basic models of monitors have an average price of $100, but it is possible to find more innovative equipment with more functions, which cost between $200 and $400.

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