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This is the new viral scam on WhatsApp — don’t fall for it!

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  • This is the new viral scam on WhatsApp — don’t fall for it!
  • A new type of scam that many are falling for is circulating on the app.
  • Many users have reported receiving a WhatsApp message offering a job at Amazon.

Beware of this new scam! WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world. Millions of people trust it to have private conversations and exchange personal information. Its success is such that now it is also common for companies to use it to contact customers and that is why a new type of scam, that many are falling for, is circulating on the app.

On other occasions we have warned you about fake messages from a company that says it is celebrating its anniversary and will award prizes if you follow a series of steps, including forwarding the message, clicking on a link and sharing data. Don’t be fooled!

Beware of this viral WhatsApp scam

whatsapp viral scam
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According to El Universal, the new scam that is circulating on WhatsApp has nothing to do with winning prizes, instead it offers the possibility of getting a great job at one of the most recognized companies in the world — Amazon.

As we already mentioned, it is not uncommon for companies to contact people through WhatsApp. However, if you receive a job offer that, in addition to looking too good, you also never applied for, be very careful. In recent weeks many users have reported receiving a message through WhatsApp offering them a job at Amazon.

The viral scam: An offer that’s too good to be true

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The number from which the message comes is not verified. That means it cannot directly related to the company. Let’s remember that when it comes to business, WhatsApp will tell us that we are communicating with a company and that it has a Business profile.

The previous point could already make us suspicious, but what if it is a Human Resources representative who is contacting us from their personal number? According to what users have shared on social media, the message offers salary of between between $1000 and $4000 per month is offered and the job only takes one hour a day.

Police warn of new scam

whatsapp scam
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“We are an Amazon network marketing alliance. We are hiring a part time team as long as you have a smartphone. One hour a day. Monthly salary of 20,000 to 80,000 Mexican pesos. WhatsApp contact”. Anyone would be interested in applying for a job like that but, as they say — if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

At Tech Bit we also detected another message offering the same salary for a part-time job where it is only says you need to be over 22 years old, without identifying the company offering the job. A lot of people have received the message, so the Cyber Police of Mexico City have already issued an alert saying to ignore these job offers.

Be careful not to click on any suspicious links

watch out for whatsapp scams
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The thing is, if you click on the link in the message or contact the person who wrote you, you are risking being scammed. Criminals could steal your data and then extort money from you or steal your identity. Or your phone could end up with a virus that can do everything from show you ads to steal your personal information.

Therefore, the recommendation is not to open any links from unknown numbers. Do not reply to the message or call the sender. Block and report the number from the WhatsApp application. It is also a good idea to report the number to the Cyber ​​Police if you are in Mexico. To do this, you can call 55 52425100, extension 5086 or send an email to: Filed Under: Viral Whatsapp Scam.

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