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The Pirate of Culiacán is resurrected in a video using AI

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Los niños no entienden lo que sucedió
The Pirate of Culiacán video (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • The Pirate of Culiacán tells his story in a video.
  • Fans of the late influencer are shocked by his «resurrection».
  • He had a tragic end.

Shocking new video of the Pirate of Culiacán. Juan Luis Rosales Lagunas, better known as the Pirate of Culiacán, became an internet sensation with his videos. He wasn’t known for being a good example for young people since the influencer became the laughingstock of all of Mexico at some point.

Así nomas quedó, Puro Pirata de Culiacán, were the phrases that signified a change in the young man’s life. However, he came to a heartbreaking end and now a video telling his story from the grave has gone viral.

Video of the Pirate of Culiacán goes viral


User @conocemihistoriaoficial posted a  TikTok video that has gone viral. It shows an image of the Pirate of Culiacán that was created with artificial intelligence so it can be animated to appear as if he’s been resurrected.

The objective of the video was to share his story and explain why the Mexican influencer was murdered. Through a  two minute video, El Pirata talks about his life.

The influencer’s story


«I am El Pirata de Culiacán. There are things that can be forgiven, but insulting a drug trafficker is not one of them, know my story,» the video begins. The voice is someone impersonating the Pirate. «I come from a neighborhood forgotten by the government where drug culture takes over the minds of children.»

«When I was a little boy, my mother abandoned me and left me with my grandmother, but we had to move. My mom never told me who my father was. I never met him, but I always had a good attitude.»

His tragic death

Unimaginable video appears Pirate of Culiacán

Juan Luis Rosales was shot 12 times and many believe it was by drug traffickers. The shooting occurred after he made some insulting comments about El Mencho, who is one of the best-known drug traffickers in Mexico and Latin America. «I was a child with a love for drug culture, I was with other influencers who took advantage of the damage it did to my health for their benefit.»

«I was in several scandals and had problems with the police. One day, they were recording me like any other and they asked me about a very powerful man in the drug trade, and it occurred to me to say that I wasn’t afraid of him… that angered him and he fired fifteen shots at me that ended my life,» he said.

The influencer HotSpanish was the last person to see the Pirate alive

Unimaginable video appears Pirate of Culiacán
Instagram photo

HotSpanish is another popular influencer who saw the Pirate shortly before he died, He said: «He sends me a message on Instagram that he had arrived in Guadalajara, to give him my phone number.» He then explained that he had to go to that city to record one of his videos and also to sell some t-shirts.

He says that they talked about doing something together but he says he didn’t feel up to it so he didn’t respond. He says that he didn’t record that day, he was discouraged and he took the day off, but the next day the Pirate insisted that he go out.

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