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New tax rebates between $450 and $900 could be coming soon

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  • New tax rebates for residents of Kansas could be on their way.
  • Taxpayers could receive up to $900.
  • Find out who is eligible.

New tax rebates for taxpayers in Kansas. Financial support is still available for many in the US. Most recently, Kansas is proposing tax rebaters for up to $900. Find out who could qualify.

With rising inflation in the United States, the cost of household products and services are creating financial problems for many.

New tax rebates for residents of Kansas

New refunds $900
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Kansas residents could receive up to $900 worth of tax rebates thanks to a large one-time budget surplus. According to The Sun, the governor of Kansas, Laura Kelly has created a plan to help her constituents after Bill 169 was vetoed by the state Senate. Payments ranging between $450 and $900 will depend on the taxpayer’s marital status.

The governor claimed that the bill would create a ‘flat tax,’ meaning that everyone “pays at the same rate, regardless of their ability to pay.” She stated that middle-class taxpayers and the public education sector would be harmed by this which is why she vetoed the bill, according to The Sun.

“This tax rebate is a way to put this unique surplus back into the hands of taxpayers”

New refunds $900
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Instead Governor Kelly is proposing a tax rebate plan for between $450 and $900 thanks to a “one-time budget surplus” of $1.6 billion. “This tax refund is a way to get this unique surplus back into the hands of taxpayers in a responsible way that doesn’t put public schools and other critical services at risk in the future,” said the Kansas governor.

The amount of the rebate would depend on your filing status, meaning individual taxpayers in Kansas would receive $450 and couples would receive up to $900. Additionally, household income must not exceed $160,000 to qualify, The Sun reported.

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