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New ‘Lady Frijoles’ appears, now Venezuelan immigrants complain about Mexico

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New lady frijoles, Venezuela, Immigrants, MundoNow, Podcast
New lady frijoles (Captura X/MundoNOW archive)
  • Protest Over Unsatisfactory Food and new lady frijoles
  • Complaint About Shelter and Conditions
  • Preference for US Support

Venezuelan immigrants are featured in a new viral video in which they complain about Mexico, managing to remind us of the famous ‘Lady Frijoles’.

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Sergeant The Podcast, MundoNOW

A group of Venezuelans has gone viral on social networks, expressing dissatisfaction with the assistance provided in Mexico.

In the video, various individuals can be seen protesting the quality of food that has been provided to them as aid to stave off hunger.

Another point of contention evident in the video is the shelter allocated to them during their stay in the country.

However, they have petitioned the president of Mexico for better food and asserted that they deserve decent living conditions.

They protest over food in Mexico

Venezuelan immigrants complain about Mexico, Lawsuits, Shelter, Food, Discontent
Venezuelan immigrants complain about Mexico PHOTO Shutterstock

«Do you think peas are a decent meal for a Venezuelan?» lamented one of the women appearing in the video.

«No, I invite you, Mr. President, to eat them, to see for yourself,» she added, raising her voice towards those recording her.

«Excuse me, and with all due respect, I say this to you because I am truly a mother in need of a decent salary,» the Venezuelan woman implored.

«I need to have a decent salary; we all need a salary,» the woman affirmed, concluding her appearance in the video segment.

Venezuelans complain about Mexico

Social networks, Support, Conditions, Government, Migrants
PHOTO Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive

However, she is not the only one appearing in the video, voicing complaints about the Aztec country and its treatment of Venezuelan immigrants.

«We no longer want to be here in Mexico; it’s the worst country we’ve ever been through,» another woman exclaimed in the video.

«We will never go to a shelter again,» another Venezuelan declared in the video, visibly upset about the shelter conditions.

«We will not move from here; even if they take away the tents, we will stay here,» she added, irritably, while being filmed by onlookers.

They ask the United States for support

Complaints, Stay, Situation, Treatment, Lady Frijoles
PHOTO Shutterstock

Another individual featured in the video expresses frustration with the Mexican government, emphasizing their unwillingness to be in the country.

«We don’t want to hear anything from the Mexican government,» declared one of the agitated Venezuelans in a segment of the video.

«We want the United States government to come and support us,» he stated, signaling a hope for assistance from the Biden administration.

«Support us because we don’t want to be here; truly, what we want is to pass through,» he articulated, making his desire to leave Mexico unequivocal.

New ‘Lady frijoles’

Lady Beans, Opinions, Help, President, United States
PHOTO MundoNOW Archive

The remarks from the Venezuelans regarding the treatment they received from the Mexican government have evoked memories of the infamous Honduran woman known as ‘Lady Frijoles.’

This woman gained notoriety after expressing her discontent about being served beans while she was a migrant traveling through Mexico.

Currently, social media users have manifested their irritation toward the immigrants by vocalizing their dissatisfaction about their journey through Mexico.

«Very brave here,» «Go back to your country,» «Those who demand should first see what they contribute, ladies. Nothing is free, and if not, then to hell with it; they obstruct us here,» were some of the comments. To see the video click HERE.

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