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Some employees will receive two $500 bonus payments this year: Find out who’s eligible!

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  • Good news for some state employees!
  • Nevada has signed a bill to provide two $500 payments this year.
  • Find out who is eligible.

Good news for some state employees! Thousands of workers will receive two $500 bonuses. These new payments were announced Tuesday when Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo signed the bill.

Thousands of state employees will receive two payments for $500 this year in Nevada. This will apply to executive branch employees, those in the judicial department and full-time legislative staff.

$500 checks approved in Nevada

$500 checks approved in Nevada

State and federal governments in the US are constantly updating the different aid programs that provide financial support to different groups. Each state has different programs through which they deliver payments.

The Republican governor of Nevada, Joe Lombardo, approved the new payments on Tuesday when he signed bipartisan Bill 268, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal. Several Department of Transportation employees joined the governor during the signing.

 Governor Lombardo announces the bonus payments

Checks 500 dollars Nevada: Governor breaks the silence

The Governor of Nevada revealed that he approved the payments to provide support after the bad weather over the winter affected thousands of residents: «I wanted to be here today with the Department of Transportation to sign AB 268 because this winter, we had some severe winter weather across the state,” Lombardo said.

He also showed his appreciation for the people who will benefit from this new aid that will arrive shortly. «When our state needed it this winter, NDOT employees stepped up,» he said, according to The Sun.

When will the payments arrive?

When will they receive the payment?


Payments are expected to arrive in bank accounts in two installments, one in April and one in July. Certain requirements have been announced to receive the aid. Those who are eligible for both checks must have been employed on March 31, 2023 and June 16, 2023.

Governor Lombardo first proposed $2,000 retention bonus checks for executive branch employees during his State of the State address in January. It was revealed that he is still looking to include that amount in a separate bill later this year.

More financial initiatives

New beneficiary programs

It has also been reported that the Governor has proposed giving state employees raises in addition to bonuses. The recently approved bonus checks are funded through a nearly $25 million state budget.

In April, several states have financial initiatives. For example, in California residents can apply for the second round of a guaranteed income pilot program, also low-income single mothers residing in El Monte will receive $500 a month for one year and in Colorado property tax rebate recipients will receive payments of up to $1,044 starting April 5.

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