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National Women’s Health Week: 11 Mandatory Rules to Be a Fit and Healthy Woman

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  • To be a healthy and fit woman, it is necessary to visit the doctor annually to keep a general record of your health.
  • Initiatives such as National Women’s Week in the United States promote health and positive habits to apply in the lives of women.
  • Many women stay in shape and celebrate it through Fitness Day.

In U.S the National Women’s Health Week, a week dedicated to millions of women in the country taking steps to improve their health. The objective of this week is for women to prioritize their health and encourage positive habits for their life, that is why we present the 11 mandatory rules to be a healthy and fit woman.

This National Week is organized by the Office for Women of the Department. Health and Human Services from the United States.

According to the official portal Women’s health, to be a healthy and fit woman, recommends:

Rule 1.- Have a GP: A very positive action is to keep track and record your health, so Women’s Health recommends having a trusted doctor with whom you perform annual check-ups, preventive exams and vaccinations.



Rule 2.- Perform physical activities: Physical activities or exercise is a very healthy action because through it the body is kept active, blood circulation is stimulated and it helps to clear the mind. In the same way, when you exercise, endorphins, the happiness hormone, are generated, which will improve your mood.

Rule 3.- Healthy diet: Eating a healthy diet does not mean consuming small portions of food or eliminating all red meat, but rather eating a balanced diet. That is, consume vegetables, fruits, red meats (not in excess), white meats and legumes in a variety of ways.

Rule 4.- Drink 2 liters of water daily: Remember that staying hydrated is essential, as the body needs to consume a sufficient amount of water. The most advisable thing is to drink 2 liters of water daily, which helps to purify the body and allow it to perform its functions properly.

Rule 5.- Pay attention to mental health: Like the proper functioning and care of the body, it is very important to take care of mental health. To do this, you have to avoid falling into excess stress and anxiety, which could lead to depression. Another way to take care of your emotional health is to sleep enough hours and do activities that are relaxing for you.

Rule 6.- Assume safe behaviors: A safe behavior is to assume that tobacco use is not good for your health and therefore stop smoking or not do it excessively. In the same way, do not consume a large amount of alcoholic beverages, do not use a cell phone while driving and use protection when having sex.

Rule 7.- Reflect on your health goals: A very positive practice is to reflect on your health goals, think about what motivates you as well as what can be an obstacle to being a better version of yourself, healthy and fit. To help you reflect, you can consult the test: Are you ready to find your health? from the Women’s Health portal.

Rule 8.- Participate in events: Either organizing and promoting them yourself or attending a public event will allow you to get out of your comfort zone, meet new people and stay active.

Rule 9.- Dance: Dancing is a very fun and relaxing activity that in turn allows you to stay active and burn calories. If you’re not a fan of exercise routines, dancing is sure to work for you. Choose your favorite music, dance and enjoy it.

Rule 10.- Attend healthy fairs: Various organizations in the health sector such as civil associations constantly hold events where they share current information on health, food, studies and more. Attending them will allow you to keep up to date and always learn something new.

Rule 11.- Write a health diary: The objective of this journal will be to document your process towards a better state of health. This will allow you to evaluate your progress, as well as a form of catharsis.

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To put into practice what you have learned in these 11 steps, you can join the celebration of «Fitness Day» or National Exercise Day that is celebrated every year on September 25. Fitness Day is a day where thousands of people, regardless of age and gender, gather to celebrate the fun of exercising.



A woman requires different studies or check-ups than a man. Even at times, she opts for activities very different from the male gender. Men and women differ in their biological conditions. Her body is different, the woman has a narrower waist, wide hips and a wide pelvis. Taking into account that their physiological functions also vary from those of men, such as their menstrual period, pregnancy, breastfeeding, among others.

Similarly, due to their gender, women are attributed differences in cultural and social character with respect to men. The term woman is usually related to terms such as sensitivity, strength, charm, intelligence and patience.

The writer Pablo Zamora in his book «Successful women» defines them as:

“When I hear the word woman, I think of the warmth of home, the tenderness of a kiss, the laughter of a child, the peace of old people and happy moments shared with love.

To be a woman is to be a mother, daughter, wife or friend; Being a woman is unconditional surrender, unconditional love, the woman is a human being before everything else, before mother, daughter and wife.

Being a woman is living a constant struggle, giving life and meaning to life.

Being a woman is tenderness and firmness and at the same time, sweetness and freshness ”.

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