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Did he come out? Natanael Cano kisses his guitarist during a concert

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Natanael Cano kisses guitarist, Singer, Entertainment, Controversy, Social Networks, Controversy / Natanael Cano besa a guitarrista, Cantante, Entretenimiento, Polémica, Redes Sociales, Controversia
Natanael Cano kisses guitarist/Photo: Getty Images
  • Natanael Cano kisses guitarist.
  • It happened during a concert.
  • Social media has exploded.

During a recent show, corridos tumbado icon Natanael Cano surprised his audience with an unexpected gesture.

While delighting his fans with his music, the singer did something completely unexpected with his guitarist.

Jorge Tapia is the musician in question. The singer gave him an affectionate kiss and the moment went viral on social media.

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Photo: MundoNow

This gesture was a spontaneous moment of camaraderie and affection at the concert, although it was criticized by some internet users as ‘inappropriate.’

Cano not only praised Tapia’s musical skill but also openly expressed his affection for the guitarist.

It showcased the respect he has for his friend and the solidarity of the band.

«How beautiful you are,» Natanael Cano said to his guitarist just before giving him the kiss that has caused a stir on social media.

Is Natanael Cano coming out?

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Photo: Mezcalent

The vibrant and unscripted essence that characterizes Cano’s performances was evident once again, fueling speculation about his sexuality.

His spontaneous praise for Tapia kept the audience hooked, highlighting the palpable connection between the two artists on stage.

But there were also those who began to wonder if it meant something more, claiming that the corridos tumbados singer might be gay.

So far the ‘Cuerno Azulado’ singer has not spoken up to confirm or deny the rumors.

Controversial video of the Mexican singer

Concert, Performer, Celebrities, Controversy, Social Networks
Photo: Getty Images

The kiss between Cano and Tapia triggered a wave of comments online from fans and haters of the popular Mexican singer.

Fans expressed excitement, and some other internet users interpreted the affectionate gesture as romantic.

The video that has gone viral on social media has been controversial with people on both sides.

Natanael Cano’s live shows have become sensory experiences for those who attend each of his performances.

Reactions on social media

Reactions, Criticisms, Controversy, TikTok, Natanael Cano kisses guitarist
Photo: Getty Images

The controversial moment began to circulate onTikTok, where internet users quickly reacted.

«If Nata is gay, so am I.» «Do Nata and Jorge like each other?» «For me, they are a couple. He always hugs him so affectionately,» were some comments.

«Confirm if we guys get along with friends we really care about.» «With Jorge, even I would,» others shared.

«I wish I were Tapia so that Nata would kiss me.» «When Nata comes out of the closet, let’s act like we’re surprised,» still more commented.

Natanael Cano is a spontaneous performer

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Photo: Shutterstock

Cano’s authenticity and passion for music generate anticipation for what he will do next.

The singer’s kiss not only left a mark on his concert but also reaffirmed his reputation as a spontaneous and authentic artist.

More than a simple gesture, it became a symbol of camaraderie and appreciation in an artistic context.

This display of affection between two performers has resonated in the collective memory of those who witnessed the moment. To see the video where Natanael Cano kisses his guitarist click HERE.

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