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Natalie Navarro was accused of the shooting murder of a young man (PHOTOS)

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Death of Arturo Peña, Natalie Navarro, Murder, MundoNow, News
FOTO: Texas Department of Public Safety, Death of Arturo Peña
  • Natalie Navarro is accused of killing a boy.
  • The girl appeared to be the victim of a kidnapping and is now in custody.
  • Yordy Martínez, an accomplice of the young woman, is still on the run.

Natalie Navarro is the center of a case in Texas where the girl began as a kidnapping victim and is now accused of homicide.

The tangled history of brutal crime of Natalie Navarro, 17, came to the public eye after she was allegedly abducted from her home in Garland, a city northeast of the Dallas metropolitan area.

Last Thursday, August 31, 2023, the authorities issued an Amber Alert saying that the girl Natalie Navarro had been kidnapped in a brutal crime.

Various law enforcement agencies in Texas joined forces to search for the girl who had allegedly been kidnapped by her 21-year-old friend Yordy Martinez.

Natalie Navarro was the victim and turned out to be the perpetrator

Natalie Navarro, Arturo Peña, Yordy Martínez, GPD Homicide Division, MundoNow
PHOTO: By Natalie Navarro. PHOTO: Texas Department of Public Safety.

Investigators learned that Natalie Navarro had left her house at 1:30 in the morning that Thursday, apparently forced by Yordy Martínez. It is not detailed how the girl met the young man.

In the first investigations, the agents discovered that the girl lived in an apartment complex near I-35 and Ferguson Road with her family.

At the same time, the authorities in Garland were already investigating the shooting of young Arturo Peña, 21, discovered two days earlier.

Now the Homicide Division of the Garland Police Department (GPD) knows that Natalie Navarro was involved in the death of Arturo Peña.

They discover the body of young Arturo Peña in a car

police, patrol, siren, MundoNow, crime
PHOTO: Garland Police Department.

Last Friday, September 1, 2023, the GPD canceled the Amber Alert that had been issued after the alleged kidnapping of the young woman Natalie Navarro.

GPD agents searching for Natalie Navarro found her in Webb County in southeast Texas. However, the police did not offer more details because they were «part of the investigation» in the other crime.

Suddenly the alleged kidnapping of Natalie Navarro turned into an investigation into the shooting death of Arturo Peña that occurred at some point in late August.

Arturo Peña was found shot to death in a parked car at the intersection of Audubon Park and West Oates Road in Garland on Tuesday morning, August 29, 2023.

Where is the fugitive Yordy Martínez hiding?

Yordy Martinez, Garland, police, prisoner, arrest warrant
PHOTO: By Yordy Martinez. PHOTO: Garland Police Department.

Agents from the GPD Homicide Division have already taken young Natalie Navarro to the Dallas County jail to face her murder trial.

Now the GPD detectives know that the alleged kidnapper Yordy Martínez is actually the girl’s accomplice in the shooting death of Arturo Peña.

The legal documents against Natalie Navarro and Yordy Martínez detail that their victim Arturo Peña had been reported missing on August 27 in Dallas.

Yordy Martínez may have crossed the United States border into Mexico and in his escape left his accomplice Natalie Navarro behind when authorities found her.

Police ask for help to capture the other alleged murderer

 Dallas County, Crime, Kidnapping, Shooting Death, MundoNow
PHOTO: Garland Police Department.

The young Yordy Martínez is already known by the GPD because just in November 2022 the boy was arrested after shooting several times against a house.

According to Yordy Navarro’s arrest warrant, the boy is five feet seven inches, weighs 120 pounds, is missing a front tooth, has black hair and brown eyes.

The detectives of the Homicide Division of the GPD have not revealed until now what was the motive in the crime of Arturo Peña perpetrated by Yordy Martínz and Natalie Navarro.

Now the GPD asks the community that if anyone knows the reliable whereabouts of Yordy Martínez, contact his office at 972.485.4840. All leads will remain anonymous.

«Our angel was brutally taken from his family»

Arturo Peña, shot to death, GoFundMe, MundoNow, Crime
PHOTO: By Arturo Peña. PHOTO: Taken from GoFundMe.

Verónica López, wife of Arturo Peña, opened an account on the GoFundMe social network to ask for help from the community after the brutal crime and to cover the funeral expenses.

«Our angel was brutally taken from his family and loved ones… we cannot say much because Arturo’s case is still under investigation,» wrote Verónica López.

We ask for your support and prayers during this difficult time. Please stay out of our social media accounts, as a mark of respect for his bereaved family,» the young widow implored.

«Any donations will go a long way with this terrible and unexpected loss. God bless you all. We will keep you informed» concluded Verónica López in the account Arturo Peña’s «Home to Heaven» Memorial Service.

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