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He threatened to kill her! Natalia Alcocer accuses her ex again

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  • Does he want her dead?
  • Natalia Alcocer surprises everyone with a new accusation against her ex.
  • «I am announcing a femicide,» said the former Survivor contestant.

SOMEONE WANTS TO KILL HER! In recent days, Natalia Alcocer said that she was in danger due to the constant attacks of her ex-partner and the father of her children, Juan José Chimal. The former Survivor contestant declared in a new video that she was close to becoming one more number in the list of femicides that are registered every day and pointed out that Mexican authorities aren’t getting involved.

On social media, she has declared on several occasions that she’s extremely concerned about how her ex is treating her and, on this occasion, she provided images, audios and videos about the attacks perpetrated by Juan José Chimal. At the moment, the investigation continues and there’s still no response from the authorities.

“I announcing a femicide”

"I am the announcement of a femicide"
Photo: Instagram

In a new and surprising message from Natalia Alcocer, the former Survivor contestant revealed that the abuse she experiences at the hands of her ex-boyfriend is still ongoing. The celebrity reported on social media that she’s going through an extremely difficult time so she decided to make the video to explain the situation.

She describes the constant harassment and mistreatment that she has been experiencing from her ex. Natalia Alcocer, in a past video, also spoke about the situation and pointed out that she had approached the authorities for help.

Natalia asked the authorities for help

ask the authorities for support
Photo: Instagram

In the post she shared on Instagram, Natalia stressed that it was a «small sample» of the violence she has been subjected to in recent years and that, at this time, she refuses to allow her daughters to live with the same mistreatment. Likewise, she declared that the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office has not supported her in her complaint against her ex.

“I decided to speak out. This is a small sample of the violence that I experienced with my AGGRESSOR. I refuse to allow my daughters to grow up with this pattern of violence,» Natalia declared in the post. “TODAY I JUMP LIKE A LIONESS TO DEFEND THEM. The Prosecutor’s Office and the authorities DO NOTHING. I WANT NOTHING FROM THIS MAN, JUST PEACE TO BE ABLE TO TAKE MY DAUGHTERS AHEAD. I fear for my integrity and that of my family, THIS IS NOT MY CRY IT IS THE CRY OF MANY HURT WOMEN. ENOUGH,” stated Natalia.

What did Natalia report?

What did Natalia report?
Photo: Instagram

In the video that she posted, Natalia indicated that her ex had been threatening her and putting her life in danger. She said that for five years he attacked her physically, psychologically and sexually. Alcocer showed images and audio where the insults against her can be heard.

“I am announcing a femicide. This is Juan José Chimal Velazco, my ex-boyfriend and abuser. Today I raise my voice because I fear for my life; I have lived through hell for five years, physical, psychological and sexual assault,” said Natalia Alcocer.

Is the Prosecutor’s Office defending him?

Natalia Alcocer violence: Does the Prosecutor's Office defend it?
Photo: Instagram

In the video that she posted, the violence that the former Survivor contestant experienced can be seen and she pointed out that she continues to fear for her life, especially after being linked to the case of violence that she recently presented. She even stated that the judge handling the case gave him the power to leave the country.

“Judge Luz de García Reyes encouraged my abuser and made him feel that he could do anything. Although he is being linked to violent attacks, she let him leave the country. Now the man laughs at me on social media and now he does it with my daughters,” Natalia Alcocer reported on social media. Filed Under: Natalia Alcocer violence

Does he have «powerful connections»?

Natalia Alcocer violence: Does she have
Photo: Instagram

Natalia Alcocer stated that her ex has connections to political people and for that reason, on several occasions he threatened her saying that no one would «do anything» to him because of his relationship with the former president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto. For that reason he feels untouchable. She indicated that his violence has also affected her daughters. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

“He continues to attack my daughters. Not only does he feel untouchable, he repeatedly pointed out in our relationship, that he feels untouchable because of his relationship with Enrique Peña Nieto. Help me share so that the Prosecutor’s Office and the authorities do justice. If something happens to me or to my daughters, I hold him responsible,” reported Natalia Alcocer. Filed Under: Natalia Alcocer Violence

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