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NASA launches mission to head off ‘internet apocalypse’

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  • NASA warns of a potential ‘internet apocalypse’.
  • They’ve launched a mission to keep the world online.
  • Solar storms could disrupt the power grid in the next decade.

NASA WARNS OF AN ‘INTERNET APOCALYPSE: Scientists have issued a warning about solar storms that could disrupt the power grid and knock the world offline for months in the coming decade.

In a groundbreaking mission, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe (PSP) has successfully ventured through the solar wind for the first time. The spacecraft, which was launched five years ago, undertook an extraordinary journey that brought it close to the surface of the sun.

What is the Parker Solar Probe?

The end of the world is close?

Solar wind, which NASA has been studying for a few years, is a stream of charged particles that comes out of the sun. It can travel at speeds of up to one million miles per hour and can cause significant damage to satellites and other spacecraft.

The PSP was designed to operate in the harsh conditions of the solar wind. It is equipped with a heat shield that can withstand temperatures up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. The spacecraft also has an array of instruments that will allow scientists to study the solar wind in unprecedented detail.

NASA warns of an internet apocalypse

NASA Warns of the Internet Apocalypse

The mission of the PSP is to study the sun and its atmosphere, the corona. The corona is much hotter than the surface of the sun and scientists don’t fully understand why. The PSP will help scientists understand how the corona heats up and how the solar wind speeds up, according to Daily Express.

This mission is also important to protect Earth from solar storms. Solar storms can cause power outages, damage satellites, and even disrupt communication systems. The PSP data will help scientists better predict solar storms and develop ways to protect Earth from their damaging effects.

The potential impact of a solar storm

The potential impact of a solar storm

Scientists have issued warnings about the potential impact of a solar storm, which could occur within the next decade. A solar storm is a sudden eruption of energy from the sun. It can cause a number of problems on Earth.

The internet could be knocked out for months by power outages, damage to satellites, disruption of communication systems and GPS outages. Solar storms can also cause airline outages and radiation exposure. The severity of a solar storm can vary depending on its size and strength.

NASA works to protect the Earth

NASA works to protect Earth

The last major solar storm occurred in 1859. It was so powerful that it caused telegraph wires to ignite and start fires. It is estimated that a similar storm today could cause billions of dollars in damage.

Scientists are working to develop ways to protect Earth from solar storms. One way is to build better shielding for satellites and other spacecraft. Another way is to develop early warning systems that can give people time to prepare for a storm.

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