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They leave a narco message to influencer Rodolfo ‘Fofo’ Márquez

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Narco message to Rodolfo 'Fofo' Márquez (Photo: Fofo Márquez/Attorney General's Office of the State of Mexico)
  • They threaten Rodolfo ‘Fofo’ Márquez.
  • Narco appears with ‘terrifying’ message.
  • «They are very feminist,» they declared on social media.

«DIRECT ATTACK ON ‘FOFO’! After preventive detention was ordered for influencer Rodolfo ‘Fofo’ Márquez, a narco-banner was left against him.

Images of this incident were widely circulated on social media, highlighting the ‘terrifying’ detail of this message allegedly from a drug trafficking group.

The Mexican gained recognition through Instagram and YouTube, showcasing his luxuries and travels. Now, he faces trial for assaulting a woman in a mall parking lot.»

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In an unexpected turn of events, the controversy surrounding influencer Rodolfo ‘Fofo’ Márquez has reached new levels.

This influencer has garnered increasing media attention after news of a narco-banner directed at him by an alleged drug trafficking group went viral.

It was the municipal police of Tijuana who reported the discovery near the Rosas Magallón bypass, as detailed by Radio Fórmula.

Authorities stated that along with the message, a human head was found, although they did not provide further indications about the identity of the victim.

What did the narco-manta point out?

aggression, gender violence, court case, detention, hearing, Rodolfo Márquez, MundoNOW

The incident, which has caused considerable uproar on social media, has been highlighted by the disturbing detail of the narco-banner and the circumstances surrounding Márquez’s case.

The criminal group made it clear that the threat arose from the influencer’s actions, where he ended up beating a woman without restraint.

«If you touch a woman again, this will happen to you and your family in Tijuana, Mexico City, Guadalajara,» said the narco-banner found by authorities.

«Wherever you are, damn kid Fofo Márquez, Regards: The ones from the house,» the group specified, without providing further details.

How was the discovery?

Naucalpan, FGJEM, digital influence, social networks, MundoNOW

The appearance of the narco-banner against him has added an additional layer of mystery and danger to the case of ‘Fofo’ Márquez.

The message directed at the influencer, supposedly from a group linked to drug trafficking, has sparked speculation about the possible implications of this threat.

Police said that during the discovery of the head, they noticed that blood had stained the bridge where they hung the message.

Although the discovery occurred during Monday morning, authorities did not provide further details about the threat that alarmed residents of Baja California.

Why are they threatening Fofo Márquez?

assault on woman, influencer Fofo Márquez, detainee, prison, MundoNOW

It was on February 22nd when the incident went viral on social media after a woman with a bloodied face shared her story of being a victim of violence.

It was revealed that the victim was assaulted by a man after she accidentally hit his side mirror while parking.

«So when I got in, the mirror turned. It didn’t fall or anything, I knew it wasn’t that serious,» confessed the woman who was mistreated by the man.

«(…) The guy thought I wasn’t going to pay him, that I was going to leave. I told him ‘Let me get my papers out.’ And he said to me: ‘Are you going to pay me?’ But then he saw the truck and that’s when he started kicking me,» she recounted.

Do they agree with the threats?

Tlalnepantla, public responsibility, social behavior, online influence, network ethics, MundoNOW

Social media has become the epicenter for spreading this news, with images of the narco-banner and comments ranging from mockery to expressions of support.

The combination of online fame and judicial controversy has generated a phenomenon of public interest that has captured the attention of thousands of users across Mexico.

«The drug traffickers may be barbaric, but they’re very feminist,» «As if they were saints themselves,» «Just threats, they already stand out, what more do they want,» they asserted.

«Right now the government is embracing him,» «First time I agree with the crazy ones,» «They should send him to chop him up right where he is, in the arms and the leg with which he kicked her,» they commented. TO SEE PHOTO, CLICK HERE.

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