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Did she overshadow Tiffany Trump? President Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi got married at the White House on Saturday

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  • Tiffany Trump’s wedding was very lavish.
  • Did Naomi Biden overshadow her.
  • Joe Biden’s granddaughter got married at the White House.

Amid stormy weather and politics, Tiffany Trump tied the knot in a glitzy Mar-a-Lago wedding, amid much controversy. Now it seems that the Biden family is giving her some competition as Naomi Biden got married at the White House last weekend.

The granddaughter of President Joe Biden, Naomi, got married while he celebrated a milestone of his own on Sunday. Naomi Biden, 28, the president’s eldest granddaughter, is the daughter of Hunter Biden and Katherine Huhle.

A big wedding at the White House

A big wedding at the White House
PHOTO: Instagram

The South Lawn of the White House was the scene of Naomi Biden and Peter Neal’s wedding on Saturday, marking the first time in nine years that such a ceremony has been held there. The executive residence has hosted 18 weddings and four receptions since the 1800s.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, President Biden celebrated his 80th birthday. The wedding and birthday are likely to take place simultaneously to avoid drawing attention to Biden’s status as the oldest US president.

A very special day

A very special day
PHOTO: Instagram

It will be the first wedding with a president’s granddaughter as bride and the first at that location, according to the White House Historical Association. Naomi Biden is a lawyer. Her father is Hunter Biden. Neal, the groom, recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania law school. The couple lives in Washington.

Nine of the 18 documented White House weddings involved the daughter of a president, most recently Richard Nixon’s daughter Tricia in 1971 and, previously, Lyndon B. Johnson’s daughter Lynda in 1967. But nieces, one grandniece, a son and the brothers of the first ladies have also been married there.

Was Naomi Biden’s wedding better than Tiffany Trump’s wedding?

Joe Biden granddaughter wedding: Will it be better than Tiffany Trump's wedding?
PHOTO: Instagram

President Grover Cleveland, was also married at the White House while in office. First lady Jill Biden said she’s excited to see her granddaughter «planning her wedding, making her decisions, becoming, you know, one of their own, and she’s so beautiful.»

«So I can’t wait until you all see her as a bride,» the first lady said during a recent appearance on singer Kelly Clarkson’s talk show. The loving grandmother can’t wait to see Naomi walk down the aisle in white.

Will the Trump wedding be overshadowed?

Joe Biden's granddaughter wedding: Will the Trump wedding dim?
PHOTO: Instagram

Donald Trump’s daughter, Tiffany, got married on the 12th of November to billionaire Michael Boulos, at the Mar-a-Lago property that the former US president owns in Palm Beach, Florida, a residence valued at $180 million.

The former US president accompanied his youngest daughter to the altar where she said «I do» to the businessman before more than 500 guests at the mansion and private club where her father would make an «important announcement» on November 15 . With information from TIME, The Sun and CNN.

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