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Names of saints for your little baby

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  • Are you looking for a name for your baby? We present you the best options!
  • Why is it important to choose a good name for your baby?
  • Names of santas that will be a perfect option for you and your baby

The Names of people can come to enclose characteristics that will speak about their personality, tastes and strengths; The way our parents name us can influence ourselves, as well as the perception that other people have of us. In this article we list some names of saints for your baby.

names of saints

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It is true that choosing a name is increasingly difficult, since many people want to find one with original characteristics for their children; however, it is time to step back and look to some Names traditional ones that are related to a higher spiritual plane than those of recent appearance.

Before, it was enough to open the calendar and choose the name of the saint of the day, no matter what it was. Fortunately, today we do not have to open the calendar to see the saints, but we have hundreds of names to choose from, and what better than the name of a saint for your daughter to navigate through this life?

Here are some holy names for your little baby


It is an elegant name, easy to write and of an unequaled sweetness. This was a warrior saint and committed to the church, to such a degree that she was in charge of demolishing the temples and monuments of Apollo, an action that earned her to be recognized as the patron saint of earthquakes, as well as mining workers.

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If you choose this NameYou will be hinting at a strong but docile woman, full of will and love to serve herself and others. Saint Catherine’s life passed in the midst of the certainty that her vocation was to serve God, and she had to go through many trials to finally obtain the approval of her family. Perhaps one of the greatest attributes is the iron will with which they face life and its adversities.

names of saints



This name is perfect, as it is short but with an impressive strength. This saint found in her vocation the way to serve through teaching and teaching her neighbor; A religious with a big heart, she is known to favor the poor, the sick and the suffering souls.


Santa Gianna Beretta is known for her nobility and attention to those most in need; She had an unshakable faith that accompanied her in the most difficult moments of her life, and it was not enough for her to have a medical degree, but instead she combined her love for prayer and her scientific knowledge to improve the lives of those around her.



The saint who was at the service of education and the formation of the most needy; she lived the suffering of the war in her own flesh, losing almost her entire family in it. However, her docile heart allowed her to seek peace and take refuge in God to face adversity and forgive what seems unforgivable. Without a doubt, it is a beautiful name with great meaning.

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