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Mysterious lights appear in the sky during an earthquake in Colombia

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  • People capture strange lights in the sky during an earthquake in Colombia.
  • The earthquake took place on May 14.
  • Several captured the eerie incident.

Mysterious lights appear in the sky during an earthquake in Colombia. On Sunday, May 14 a magnitude 5.0 tremor was reported in Colombia, according to the Colombian Seismological System. The incident took place in the municipality of Acacías, however it was felt in various parts of the area.

Social media users said they felt the tremor in Bogotá. In addition, they caught some strange lights that appeared in the sky that some found quite frightening.

Magnitude 5.0 earthquake in Colombia

PHOTO: Twitter

Although so far there have been no reports of injuries due to the earthquake that occurred on Sunday, May 14 in Colombia, various social media users reported they felt it in Bogotá.

Although the authorities assured that the situation was under control, after the earth shook, various strange flashes began to appear in the sky and many people recorded them.

Strange lights in the sky during the earthquake

Mysterious tremor lights appear Colombia
PHOTO: Twitter

The quake was felt in places like Ibagué, Villavicencio and the capital of the country, according to Telesur TV. In various places, buildings were evacuated and some were terrified by strange lights in the sky.

Videos show light poles shaking from the quake. It also caused them to blink intermittently.

What were the eerie lights?

Mysterious tremor lights appear Colombia
PHOTO: Twitter

According to Caracol, this is not the first time that lights have been seen in the sky after an earthquake of this magnitude. In 2021, a magnitude 7.0 tremor also caused a similar phenomenon.

These lights have appeared in Turkey and Syria when strong earthquakes have occurred. The outlet indicates that the lights are called ‘Earthquake Lights’ and are produced by the displacement of tectonic plates.

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