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Mysterious black ring appears in the sky over Singapore

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Misterioso anillo negro Singapur
  • Mysterious black ring appears in the sky over Singapore.
  • Is it a sign of aliens?
  • The apparition has sparked some fear.

A mysterious black ring appears in the sky over Singapore and people are debating whether it signals the presence of aliens, or if it’s a sign that the end of the world is near. It was reported in various outlets, including La Verdad.

For years, the presence of UFOs and aliens has has been the focus of studies and has sparked terror among the public. Because the origin of some objects in the sky is unknown, we don’t know where they come from and we call them UFOs: Unidentified Flying Objects.


Mysterious black ring Singapore
Photo Twitter

On this occasion, something that appeared in the sky over Singapore has sparked many questions regarding its origin. It’s even thought that it was caused by extraterrestrials that came to ‘visit’ our planet. However, it’s not known whether they are peaceful, so some experts are encouraged to study all these incidents.

This disturbing image of a black oval shape in the sky began to circulate on social media. So far, no one knows how it was formed, but it did cause excitement among the people who saw it and among the internet users who watched the video.


Photo Twitter

This photograph was shared by user Agnes Seah, on the Nature Society Facebook group and it quickly caused a sensation on social media. It also sparked some fear because, so far, there is no scientific explanation for this dazzling apparition.

The same person who shared the photograph asked other users if they had a logical explanation for the black ring floating in the sky. She wrote the following: “I saw this black ring flying in the sky above Sentosa. Any idea what could this be? Migratory birds?» Filed Under: Mysterious Black Ring Singapore

UFOs or Birds?

Mysterious black ring Singapore
Photo Twitter

This new sighting has caused all kinds of reactions. Some believe that it may have been caused by extraterrestrials or even birds forming an oval but so far no one has been able to confirm or dismiss either of the two theories.

However, this was reminiscent of another, similar sighting that took place in 2017. It could be anything, which has caused a great sensation among internet users who have seen the images on Facebook. Filed Under: Mysterious Black Ring Singapore


Photo Twitter

Although the image is very clear, not everyone believed that it was aliens or UFOs. They say it’s just birds migrating, as so many do in the fall and winter.

Whatever it is, it has managed to attract the attention of a large number of internet users. The truth is that the end of the world has always been linked to apparitions in the sky. We just have to wait to see what comes. With information from La Verdad, Net Noticias, El Mañana, Filed Under: Mysterious Black Ring Singapore

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