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Is she leaving Telemundo? Myrka Dellanos shares important announcement

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Myrka Dellanos announcement, Twitter, Calm, MundoNow, Rumors
Myrka Dellanos announcement (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Myrka Dellanos shares announcement.
  • Is she saying goodbye to Telemundo?
  • Controversy on social networks.

Myrka Dellanos raised suspicions of a possible departure from Telemundo after sharing an unexpected message on social networks.

The message that the presenter posted added a farewell, which caused speculation to appear immediately.

But it seems that this was just a misunderstanding and in the following lines we give you the details about the host.

Myrka is one of the most beloved faces on Spanish-speaking television and has earned the admiration of many.

Myrka Dellanos and her announcement

Myrka Dellanos, Controversy, Religion, Devotional, Beliefs
Photo: Mezcalent

Her great charisma and, above all, her professionalism have made her one of the most beloved faces on television.

Social networks have become powerful tools for personalities like Myrka to share their work.

Also for celebrities to promote products or stay in constant contact with their entire audience.

The journalist, recognized for being one of the hosts of the Telemundo program ‘La Mesa Caliente’, has caused great controversy.

An unexpected message

Entertainment, Celebrities, Television, Controversy, Social Networks
Photo: Mezcalent

Myrka has managed to gather a large community of followers on social networks, accumulating a total of more than 3 million people.

The journalist shares not only important moments of her professional life, but also personal aspects.

It should be remembered that Myrka not only hosts a radio program on a Christian station, but also hosts a daily podcast.

Through her successful program, the presenter seeks to get people to start their day «with God’s blessing.»

Is Myrka Dellanos retiring?

Shock, Celebrities, Screen, Personality, Host
Photo: Mezcalent

It was precisely through her networks that Myrka surprised her followers by turning to a psalm from the Bible.

She chose to share important news, which initially raised suspicions about her possible departure from Telemundo.

However, as the text was read, it became clear that the focus was on her momentary withdrawal from digital platforms.

In the post he made on her official Instagram social network account, there is a photo that shows Psalm 39 verse 4.

Myrka Dellanos’ surprising announcement

Christianity, La Mesa Caliente, Program, Presenter, MundoNow
Photo: Mezcalent

«Like every year I do a network fast. See you later. I love you,» wrote the one who is the face of ‘La Mesa Caliente’.

«Psalm 39 says: ‘Lord, remind me how brief my time is in this world,'» Myrka Dellanos added, quoting the Bible.

«Remind me that my days are numbered and life is fleeting. My whole life is just a whisper for you,” the verse states.

After that, the Cuban-American gave a brief farewell message, leaving her followers surprised.

Her solid relationship with Telemundo

Instagram, Post, Comments, Fans, Myrka Dellanos shares ad
Photo: Mezcalent

«We have to live more in real life and less on the networks. See you soon,» concluded Myrka Dellanos’ writing on social media.

She made it clear that she will not move away from the small screen as was speculated, but that she will be distanced from her official accounts.

The news about her retirement from social networks could be due exclusively to the need for a break in her media exposure.

Myrka Dellanos’ relationship with Telemundo is long and solid, and she is one of the network’s most recognized presenters.

Reactions from her followers

Reaction, Scandal, Rumors, Followers, Opinions
Myrka Dellanos shares advertisement-Photo: Mezcalent

Any change in her status with Telemundo would be a major development in the Hispanic television industry.

For now, Myrka’s followers will have to wait for her return to social networks and continue to be participants in her life and career.

The reactions did not take long to appear: «You fast and get problems that you don’t know about.»

«Enjoy it», «I hope the words of God touch your heart», «Blessings», «Beautiful message», it reads. HERE THE PHOTO.

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