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Mitos y Leyendas: The Mutisia

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  • Genny de Bernardo shares with you the legend of the mutisia.
  • War prevents two young people from being together.
  • When discovered, they were punished and condemned.

In a distant era, near the Lanín volcano, two enemy tribes constantly battled, igniting a deep-seated hatred that seemed insatiable.

Amidst this ancient conflict, forbidden love arose between the son of one chief and the daughter of another. However, the animosity between their parents prevented them from openly being together.

One dark night, during a sacred ritual, the machi, a wise witch, watched over the rehue, or ceremonial altar.

Suddenly, the squawk of the pun triunque, a bird of ill omen, broke the silence, foreshadowing an ominous event.

Capture and condemnation

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Alert, the machi discovered the chief’s daughter hastily escaping with the enemy’s son.

Determined to act, the machi consulted the pillán, a protective deity, about revealing the abduction to the girl’s father. The response was affirmative. Without hesitation, the machi informed the chief about the elopement.

Enraged, the father ordered the capture of the lovers, who were judged and sentenced to death for defying ancestral hatred.

Bound to a stake, they were violently executed in front of the tribe, while the pun triunque proclaimed their fateful destiny.

A new flower emerges

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At dawn, the executioners were surprised to discover that where the bodies of the young lovers lay, previously unseen flowers were blooming: the beautiful mutisias with orange petals.

The witnesses, amazed, called them Quiñilhue, and since then, this vine-like flower that climbs trees as the lovers did, became a symbol of love and tragedy.

Ashamed and sorrowful, members of the tribes began to venerate the mutisia, while the souls of the young lovers, united in the afterlife, remembered their eternal love through this delicate flower.

Mitos y Leyendas bids you farewell for now and hopes that the legend of the mutisia has pleased you. Until next time!

Mitos y Leyendas
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