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MundoNow announces the launch of its podcast ‘Love and Other Things’

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  • Therapist José Luis Velarde will host the podcast.
  • It is the newest release from Óyenos Audio.
  • Find out what Love and Other Things is about.

Love and Other Things is the new podcast on MundoNow’s Óyenos Audio platform. On the podcast, therapist José Luis Velarde will share tools that can be used to help your love life, as well as cover psychological concepts regarding problems in romantic relationships.

In an interview with the psychologist and therapist José Luis Velarde, we take a look at his podcast Love and Other Things. Velarde talked about love, soulmates, as well as taking the time to talk about his YouTube channel Tu Mejor Persona.

Love and Other Things: The new podcast on Óyenos Audio from MundoNow

'Love and other things' the new podcast on Óyenos Audio from MundoNow
PHOTO: YouTube

Love and Other Things is the new podcast from MundoNow’s Óyenos Audio. It will be released on Tuesday, January 10. In the podcast, tools will be shared that to help people overcome problems in their love lives and the psychological concepts that these problems involve.

Velarde tells us about the pain caused by relationship problems: “There is immediate pain and it must be resolved. However, in solving that immediate pain, there is not always a deep explanation of why what you are doing is what is going to work best in the long term in your emotional life and in your intellectual life. Velarde will provide the tools to understand the psychological issues that love entails.

Dr. Velarde studied psychology and finance

It develops in psychology and finance
PHOTO: YouTube

José Luis Velarde decided to lean towards psychology when looking for ways to understand how his heart works, his emotions and the way in which he could heal his own relationships. Growing up in a home with love but with some deficiencies, and frustrated by his inability to solve those problems, he was forced to find a way to solve them. Psychology gave him the tools to organize his life in the way in which he wanted.

However, psychology is not the only subject Dr. Velarde pursued. After finishing his degree in psychology, he began to work on issues related to love. But at the same time, since 2016, he has learned about cryptocurrency. Outside of psychology he has an investment fund where he specializes in financial and cryptocurrency issues, although he assures that his priority is personal development and relationships.

Advice on Love and Other Things

José Luis López Velarde: Advice on love and other things

PHOTO: YouTube

Psychologist José Luis Velarde, tells us about the importance of documenting when giving advice. He says that even when looking for information on the internet we should look for someone who has been informed on the subject. Velarde has 12 years of clinical experience, a master’s degree in neurolinguistic programming, a specialty in sexology, and has a published book.

He also ensures that it is important to know how to guide when giving advice, and it is important to know what to ask in order to help the other person. He also tells us about the importance of practicing what you preach. That is, when he develops as a therapist who is inclined to talk about relationship issues, he explains things in relation to his relationship with his wife. “I am not going to say that my relationship is perfect, no relationship is perfect. However, we have the ability to resolve our conflicts, we both go to therapy constantly.»

Soulmates and heartbreak according to Velarde

Soulmates and heartbreak according to Velarde
PHOTO: YouTube

«I don’t dare say no, but in all the experience I’ve had I think it’s more a matter of development and constant work, than a fortuitous event than finding something like a lottery,» he explains about soulmates and he explains that everything depends on the joint work of the couples to grow together.

In the same way, he explains that just as you fall in love you can fall out of love with the person and it is attributed to a biological fact derived from procreation. «We lower our barriers, dopamine rises and you believe that the other is the best in the world and that is will end, it lasts between six and 18 months.

José Luis López Velarde and Tu Mejor Persona

José Luis López Velarde and 'Your best person'
PHOTO: YouTube

José Luis Velarde has a YouTube channel dedicated to personal development with close to half a million followers, a reach in 72 countries and more than 1800 published videos. It features everything from how to improve your personal finances to raising your self-esteem. He also collaborates with other therapists on the channel.

On Tu Mejor Persona he gives the followers professional psychotherapeutic tools to improve their lives, seeking to help people become the best version of themselves. If you are interested in some of his services or psychological help, you can check out his podcast or YouTube channel or send a WhatsApp message to +524499031667 where he or someone from his team can give you reports on psychotherapy, personal attention , workshops, books, courses, among other things.

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