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MundoNOW celebrates 10 million downloads of Óyenos Audio

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Óyenos Audio, 10 million downloads, MundoNOW
Óyenos Audio 10 million downloads (Photo: MundoNOW)
  • MundoNow is the leader in Hispanic podcasts.
  • Celebrating 10 million downloads.
  • Each episode offers cultural diversity.

In the fascinating world of Hispanic media in the United States, MundoNow has achieved a monumental milestone.

There have been 10 million downloads of podcasts from the Óyenos Audio platform, establishing its position as the leader in this area.

The news has resonated throughout the Hispanic community, highlighting the importance and growing popularity of this medium that has managed to connect with audiences in a unique way.

In Óyenos Audio, MundoNow has found the ideal platform to reach its followers in a more intimate and personal way.

Óyenos Audio is conquering Hispanic ears

10 million downloads of Óyenos Audio, downloads, shows, programs, hear us
PHOTO: MundoNOW/Shutterstock

Podcasts, with their flexible and accessible format, allow listeners to immerse themselves in a wide variety of topics.

The diversity of content offered by MundoNow is one of the keys to its success. The podcast Crímenes de Terror with David Dorantes and José Luis Montenegro is a prime example of this.

This podcast has captured the attention of fans of mystery and intrigue, becoming a benchmark of the genre.

The chilling stories narrated by these experts keep listeners on the edge of their seats in every episode.

Something for every taste

10 million, downloads, downloads, listen to us, MundoNOW

Another favorite among listeners is Sin Broncas con La Bronca, where Sylvia del Valle addresses current issues and sexuality with her characteristic direct and open style.

The freshness and authenticity of ‘La Bronca’ resonates among Hispanics, who find in her podcast a space to express their opinions and feel represented.

On the other hand, for those interested in astrology and mysticism, the Horóscopos y Astrología podcast with Ricardo Villalobos is a perfect option.

Villalobos has become a trusted guide for his followers, who find in his words a connection with the universe and their own lives.

Other featured podcasts

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

MundoNow does not stop at this type of content. Its catalog covers a wide range of topics — from the enigmatic to the everyday.

Código Críptico analyzes all the mysteries of the world, including conspiracy theories, UFOs, past lives, life after death, spirituality, numerology and more.

While Observador Paranormal explores paranormal phenomena and supernatural experiences.

The podcast Pasión que Mata delves into the world of crimes of passion, analyzing real cases that have shocked the public.

Óyenos Audio is for you

News, Your World Today, daily, national, MundoNOW

By contrast, Mundo Narco offers a look at the reality of drug trafficking and its consequences, providing a unique and valuable perspective on a topic of social relevance.

La Huella OVNI invites listeners to explore sightings of unidentified flying objects and theories about the existence of extraterrestrial life.

This podcast, along with Sargento el Podcast, with host Sergeant Carlos Cornejo, demonstrates MundoNow’s versatility. In addition, Tu Mundo Hoy offers a space for current news and analysis.

La Hora del Camaleón is one of the newest podcasts from Óyenos Audio, hosted by the renowned journalist Carlos Moreno. It promises to attract an even wider audience.

Accessible, quality content for the Hispanic community

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

MundoNow’s incredible trajectory in the world of podcasts, not only translates into impressive download numbers, but also a positive impact on the Hispanic community in the United States.

The diversity of voices and perspectives of the different shows makes listeners feel represented and understood.

Additionally, the accessibility of podcasts allows the Hispanic community to consume quality content in their own language.

In a country where the Hispanic population continues to grow and play a crucial role in society, MundoNow has become a cultural beacon and source of connection for its audience.

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