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MS-13 leader captured after years on the run

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Freddy Ivan Jandres-Parada arrested (Photo: FBI/Shutterstock)
  • Freddy Ivan Jandres-Parada was arrested.
  • The MS-13 leader was on the run for 4 years..
  • What are his crimes?

A crucial step in the fight against trans-national crime.

Federal authorities announced the arrest of Freddy Ivan Jandres-Parada, a high-ranking leader linked to the feared MS-13 gang.

This comes after an intense four-year-long search.

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Freddy Ivan Jandres-Parada arrested

Freddy Ivan Jandres-Parada, prosecutors, gang members, terrorism, MundoNOW
Photo: FBI

The arrest of Freddy Ivan Jandres-Parada, carried out earlier this month in Southern California, marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of key individuals in one of the most dangerous criminal organizations.

Jandres-Parada faces serious terrorism charges, filed by federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York in December 2020.

He has been identified as a prominent member of the MS-13’s board of directors, specifically in the faction known as Ranfla Nacional, according to CNN.

Freddy Ivan Jandres-Parada is at the center of a complex network of criminal activities that spans across the continent, from the United States to Mexico and El Salvador.

He was considered armed and dangerous

narcoterrorism, Ranfla Nacional, conspiracy, material support, MundoNOW
Photo: FBI

Freddy Ivan Jandres-Parada is considered among the most influential leaders of MS-13 globally, has been the subject of an intense manhunt, according to an FBI report.

He was sought for his alleged involvement in directing the operations of this transnational criminal organization.

Additionally, the FBI issued a warning stating that Freddy Ivan Jandres-Parada should be considered armed and dangerous.

The charges against Jandres-Parada are serious and encompass a wide range of crimes, from acts of terrorism to drug distribution and extortion.

Freddy Ivan Jandres-Parada ordered many attacks

Police, Crime, Arrest, MundoNow, Sirens
Photo: Shutterstock vía Archivo MundoNOW

He is accused of ordering numerous acts of violence directed against civilians, law enforcement and members of rival gangs, which has sowed fear and insecurity in the affected communities.

The federal arrest warrant issued against Jandres-Parada in the United States District Court on December 16, 2020, marked a turning point in the pursuit of this individual.

Authorities are firmly determined to bring him to justice for his alleged role in conspiring to provide and conceal material support and resources to terrorists.

He was also wanted for his involvement in other crimes of a similar nature that transcend national borders, as reported by the FBI.

How was Freddy Ivan Jandres-Parada apprehended?

arrest, detention, police, crimes, MundoNOW
FOTO Shutterstock

The operation to capture Jandres-Parada was carried out on March 7 in San Diego by FBI agents, according to CNN.

Authorities finally managed to intercept him after a prolonged manhunt.

Following his arrest, Jandres-Parada waived his right to seek bail.

Throughout this operation, authorities have also been working to identify the defense attorney who will represent Jandres-Parada in the upcoming legal proceedings.

He was a member of Ranfla Nacional

Arrest, police, detention, criminal, MundoNOW
FOTO Shutterstock

The arrest of this prominent MS-13 leader marks a significant blow to the structure of the criminal organization.

Furthermore, it underscores the authorities’ commitment to combating organized crime in all its forms.

It is hoped that this arrest will not only lead to a thorough legal process but also contribute to further dismantling MS-13 operations, both domestically and internationally.

In his role as a member of Ranfla Nacional, Jandres-Parada and other individuals purportedly exerted control over various activities carried out by MS-13, according to CNN.

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