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Mrs. Rosa says how her son Lupillo Rivera is doing after being hospitalized

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  • Doña Rosa says how Lupillo Rivera is doing after being hospitalized.
  • She visited her son in the hospital.
  • Mrs. Rosa shared some photos on Instagram.

Popular Mexican singer Lupillo Rivera had to be rushed to the hospital on Saturday, March 18, where he underwent an laparoscopic appendectomy. Now, his mother gives an update on his recovery.

Mrs. Rosa, shared a couple of photos on Instagram and talked about visiting her son in the hospital. In her posts she explains how Jenni Rivera’s brother is doing after his emergency surgery.

Mrs. Rosa visits Lupillo Rivera in the hospital

Mrs. Rosa visits Lupillo Rivera in the hospital

After being hospitalized Lupillo was forced to cancel several concerts in different parts of Mexico. Although this is a relatively common surgery, it still requires some recovery time.

“On March 30, 2023 he will be able to fully resume his activities. In the same way, efforts will be made to comply with the commitments before this date,” says the statement announcing the singer had been hospitalized.

Mrs. Rosa reveals how her son is doing

Mrs. Rosa visits Lupillo Rivera: Reveals how her son is

On Instagram Mrs. Rosa shared that she went to visit Lupillo at the hospital, posting a photo where she appears behind a yellow van, which users say was Mayeli Alonso’s: «Visiting my son Lupillo, better thanks to God,» she writes.

Internet users say that she shared the photo to annoy her ex-daughter-in-law: «That truck belonged to Mayeli, now I think Gisselle’s brat is driving it.» «Why are you getting into that plan, ma’am? We all know that she took this photo to try to annoy Mayeli,” were some of the comments.

Mrs. Rosa is attacked on social media

They attack her on social media

Jenni Rivera’s mother also posted a photo where she appears next to Lupillo’s current partner with a message that says: «Hello here with my daughter-in-law Giselle thanking you for taking care of my son, blessings.»

“A mother is always there for her children, even if the children misbehave, a mother’s love is unconditional. That’s good, Mrs. Rosa, one day those who have misbehaved with you will regret it, because you deserve respect. God bless her,” said one of her followers on the post.

Mrs. Rosa appears with her daughter-in-law

Appears with his daughter-in-law

However, the comments from internet users continued and even Lupillo’s wife commented on the photo: “Nice to see you. Oh and she forgot her Tupperware!! Haha,» Giselle said.

«I wish it had been the same way with Mayeli instead of calling her names and so many derogatory things.» «It’s good that she already went to apologize to her son, ma’am.» «Be careful, Mrs. Rosa, the sweetest and most tender are the worst.» «As soon as they go wrong, she will have videos of her on her YouTube.»

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