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Mothers support teen Derek Rosa who confessed to killing his mother

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Mothers defend Derek Rosa, murder, homicide, crime / Madres defienden Derek Rosa, asesinato, homicidio, crimen
Mothers defend Derek Rosa / Photo: Martha Hernandez/Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office
  • Mothers defend Derek Rosa.
  • The teen confessed to killing his mother.
  • They say he was manipulated.

Derek Rosa, a teenager who confessed to stabbing his own mother, Irinia García, to death is getting support from a surprising group.

They are women who traveled from different parts of the country to support him at the Miami-Dade court.

Despite Derek’s initial confession, these women insist on his innocence, arguing that he has been manipulated in some way.

The unwavering support from his father and grandmother, along with the surprising cancellation of a hearing, add layers of mystery to the case.

Mothers defend Derek Rosa

Mothers defend Derek Rosa, Irinia García, murder, accused teenager, MundoNOW
Photo: Martha Hernández

«I killed her,» Derek Rosa declared in a chilling statement to the authorities about the murder of his own mother.

However, for a group of women who traveled from various parts of the country to support him in court, this is not what really happened.

They believe he did not kill her, that he is innocent and he is being manipulated.

The large group of mothers supporting the teen accused of stabbing his own mother, Irinia García, to death gathered outside the Miami-Dade courthouse.

Why are they supporting him?

 judicial mystery, unconditional support, manipulation, women's group, Miami-Dade court
Photo: Martha Hernandez

MundoNow went to the location to find out who these women are, where they come from and what motivates them to support the teenager in a case that has shocked the entire community.

Among them was Martha Hernandez, who said that although she could not count the total number of people there, she estimates there were between 40 and 50 mothers.

Some traveled from South Carolina, others from New York, another group from Chicago, some from Los Angeles and others are local.

The hearing was scheduled for 9:00 in the morning and had been requested by Rosa’s defense, but for reasons that have not been made public, it was suspended.

Why was the hearing canceled?

Confession, cancellation of hearing, family, parental support, human rights
Photo: Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office

«The hearing was canceled, we don’t know why, but we are standing firm supporting Derek. Now it will be on February 2, and we will come back,» said Hernandez.

«Do you believe he is innocent?» she was asked?

«One hundred percent. The boy has been manipulated in some way, and we are fighting for justice to have him released from jail,» she declared.

«It’s not fair what they are doing to that child, violating the human rights of a child in this country. It’s not fair,» she added.

Derek Rosa’s father and grandmother believe he is innocent

divided community, conflicting opinions, investigation, evidence, innocence, justice
Mothers defend Derek Rosa / Photo: Martha Hernandez

One thing that has aroused curiosity — and raised doubts about the boy’s guilt — is the unconditional support of his father, José Rosa, and his maternal grandmother, Isabel Acosta.

According to the charges against him, on the night of October 12, 2023, while his stepfather was working outside, the teen stabbed his mother 46 times.

García was resting with her newborn baby at the time. He then surrendered to authorities.

From the moment of his arrest, his father and grandmother have stood firmly by his side.

What did Derek Rosa’s relatives do for him?

murdered mother, crime, court, court case, trial, Derek Rosa
Mothers defend Derek Rosa / Photo: Martha Hernandez

Derek Rosa’s family has written letters to the court requesting his transfer from the adult jail to a juvenile facility. And they have highlighted Derek’s impeccable behavior and academic record.

«Who do you think is manipulating him?» she asked. «We don’t know the truth; I am not an investigator or a police officer.»

«One knows people by their gaze, and since I saw the first interview with that child, I was interested. I looked into what he was being accused of and informed myself, watched videos on Facebook, on TikTok, and said it’s not fair,» she said.

According to the protester, Derek needs support. «This child’s mother is dead, she cannot defend her son, but he has many mothers in this world who are praying and fighting for his freedom and justice to be served.»

Mothers defend Derek Rosa: ‘He is not guilty’

legal rights, chilling statement, crime of passion, family members, patrol cars
Photo: Shutterstock

Despite the evidence presented against him, Rosa pleaded «not guilty» to stabbing his mother in his initial court appearances. The support from the group of mothers emerged after his defense.

«He is not guilty; he pleaded innocent, and investigators and his lawyer are fighting to prove his innocence,» emphasized his supporter.

«Do you have a message for those who believe Derek is guilty based on his own confession?»

«My message to them is that they should not accuse a child until he is judged, and a judge proves that he did it. We are no one to judge anyone. And if they believe so, let them cast the first stone.» To see a video of Derek Rosa’s confession click HERE.

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