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Mother of 5 dies after liposuction performed by fake doctors in Mexico

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  • A mother of 5 died after botched liposuction by fake doctors in Mexico.
  • She went to a clandestine clinic in Zapopan, Jalisco.
  • Fake doctors performed the procedure.

Mother of five dies after undergoing liposuction in Mexico. Social media makes us all want flat abs, big breasts and tiny waists so many women look for inexpensive ways to get cosmetic surgery so they can have the body of their dreams.

Last week a Mexican woman found a clinic that promised to perform lipo for only $2,700 (approximately $50,000 Mexican pesos). She never imagined it would cost her life.

Mother of 5 dies after botched liposuction in Mexico

Mexican dies after liposuction
Photo: Twitter

The young mother, who died after undergoing liposuction, was identified as Nayeli. She was treated by a couple of fake doctors who claimed to be surgeons. Authorities arrested one of them after her death.

The fake doctors were identified as Kevin Ángeles Hernández and Jorge «V», according to El Heraldo de México. The incident occurred on May 24 in the municipality of Zapopan, Jalisco. Nayeli had five children.

Nayeli went to a clandestine clinic without realizing it

Mexican dies after liposuction
Photo: Twitter

After the tragedy, relatives of the 33-year-old Mexican woman revealed that Nayeli was treated at the clinic called Especialidades Médicas Virreyes Kanari, which is located at 5522 United Nations Avenue. The fake doctors promised the young mother a liposculpture in 12 areas of her body, according to El Heraldo de Mexico.

A day before the scheduled procedure, the doctors contacted her to change the date of the surgery because «the oxygen tanks were damaged in the clinic.» They stated they had another clinic in Tepatitlán and that the operation could be carried out there. The other clinic is located at Calle Morelos 72, where Nayeli’s nightmare would begin.

The fake surgeons fled and Nayeli’s family asks for help

Mexican dies after liposuction
Photo: Twitter

As soon as the Mexican mother arrived at the clinic, the alleged doctors told her that they would not completely put her to sleep. TV Azteca explained that around 7:50 at night she entered the improvised operating room. Unfortunately, she died during the procedure.

The outlet reported that Kevin Ángeles, one of the fake doctors, fled with his assistant Jennifer Ángeles Hernández, who introduced herself to the patients as Astrid. Jorge «V» was arrested by the authorities after he was found with Nayeli’s body. Now, her relatives want the others who fled located.

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