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Mexican mother killed by a gang’s stray bullet

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  • Fidelina Gudelia was tragically killed.
  • The tragedy occurred in Queens, New York.
  • Mexican immigrant caught in crossfire between gang members.

Fidelina Gudelia, a 37-year-old Mexican woman who worked as a cleaning lady, was on her way to the store on a normal day when death surprised her with a stray bullet. This is the story of a Mexican mother who was caught in the crossfire of gang violence.

The incident occurred on March 12, 2021 in Queens, New York. On Wednesday, February 15, the authorities reported that justice will be served.

Mexican mother killed by a gang’s stray bullet

Mexican mother dies struck by a stray gang bullet
PHOTO: Stop Crime

The police investigation found that the Mexican immigrant was caught in the crossfire between rival gang members. Authorities reported that 23 gang members were accused of crimes, 16 of whom were arrested in the Queens neighborhoods.

“The reckless criminality we saw during this investigation is the kind of lawlessness that has killed good, law-abiding citizens in New York,” District Attorney Melinda Katz said during a news conference from Queens Criminal Court.

The prosecutor said Fidelina’s death was “heartbreaking”

The prosecutor classified as
PHOTO: New York District Attorney

Katz noted that New York has been caught in the crossfire of gang violence. In addition, the prosecutor said Fidelina’s violent death was “heartbreaking”. “She was crossing the street to go buy milk for her two small children when she was hit by a bullet from a gang member that had shot at a rival.”

The announcement was made jointly between the local prosecutor’s office, the mayor of New York, Erick Adams, and Commissioner Keecht Stewell. To support the investigation, the authorities focused on the fight between two branches of the same gang.

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