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Mother arrested after 2 young children were stabbed to death in a Bronx shelter

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  • A baby and a toddler were killed in a family homeless shelter.
  • The children’s mother has been arrested.
  • Police are investigating the brutal murder.

A New York mother is being investigated by the authorities after her children were found stabbed to death inside a homeless shelter in the Bronx. Initial police reports revealed that the children’s father was at the scene shortly after the tragedy occurred.

According to local media, authorities had been called because the mother was acting erratic before the children’s bodies were discovered. At the moment, it’s not know if she has been charged. The couple’s neighbors told the local media that they had been arguing before the incident happened.


TWO CHILDREN LOST THEIR LIFE and they suspect the mother of the minors
Photo: Twitter

New York authorities are investigating the death of two children aged 11 months and three years. The police confirmed the children’s brutal murder, reporting that they were stabbed to death in a New York City shelter.

“The young boys, ages 3 years old and 11 months old, were each found with “multiple stab wounds” to the neck and torso inside of an apartment building at 246 Echo Place in Mount Hope just before 8 p.m.,” the New York Post reported deputy chief of police, Louis Deceglie told the media.

What happened to the mother?

What happened to the mother?
Photo: Twitter

Louis Deceglie stressed that the children were found with various injuries around 8 pm on Saturday. He also reported that the mother of the children had been arrested hours before because she was  “acting irrationally”.

“The police found the mother on the third floor of the building naked and “acting irrationally”, with the bathtub overflowing and flooding the building,” explained the deputy police chief after confirming that the 22-year-old woman was taken into the custody, according to the NY Post.

Where were the children?

Where were the children?
Photo: Twitter

Police stated that the mother was was admitted to St. Bernabas hospital for evaluation. But what is striking about the deputy police chief’s statements was that a close friend of the family told police the children were with their father.

“She was taken into custody ‘without incident’ and taken by ambulance to St. Barnabas Hospital for evaluation, where she arrived at around 7:50 p.m. Before leaving for the hospital, a family friend told police that the woman’s sons were with their father,“ the NY Post reported Deceglie said. Filed Under: children stabbed at Bronx shelter

Who alerted the authorities?

Who alerted the authorities?
Photo: Twitter

Police suspected the children’s mother because a second emergency call came in around 7:55 p.m., five minutes after the woman was admitted to St. Bernabas Hospital. They reported that the children’s father called 911 after finding their bodies.

“Around 7:55 pm, police received a second 911 call at the same location from the children’s father, reporting that the children were unresponsive,” the deputy police chief said. The mother was not arrested and the children’s father was not detained, Patrol Borough Bronx Deputy Chief Louis De Ceglie said during a news conference Saturday night, according to The Associated Press.

Did they attempt to revive the children?

Minors die Bronx shelter: Did they give CPR to minors?
Photo: Twitter

De Ceglie said officers and a family member tried to revive the children while they waited for an ambulance, which took them to NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center, where they died. The police have a “person of interest” in custody and are continuing to investigate, according to The Associated Press.

“Despite the best efforts of the officers, both children succumbed to their injuries,” De Ceglie said. At the moment, the investigation continues and the mother has been arrested. The couple’s neighbors declared that they could not believe “the bloodbath” at the scene, according to the NY Post. Filed Under: children stabbed Bronx shelter

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