Inicio » English » More voluptuous than JLo and Chiquis Rivera? The photos of Emma Coronel showing off ‘raised’ butt (PHOTOS)

More voluptuous than JLo and Chiquis Rivera? The photos of Emma Coronel showing off ‘raised’ butt (PHOTOS)

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FOTO: Mezcalent.
  • Since her arrest, Emma Coronel has positioned herself in the most talked about art scene
  • Does Emma Coronel fight Jennifer López and Chiquis Rivera in the best rearguard?
  • Who of the three boasts a better body?

Competence? Despite the fact that Jennifer López and Chiquis Rivera have one of the most enviable bodies in the artistic medium, it is very likely that they will be dethroned by the incredible body and rear that Emma Coronel boasts.

After her arrest carried out last week, Emma Coronel has headed the multiple news stories of various media and it is that it has not only been for her arrest, but also for the beauty that it owns, being considered by many one of the most beautiful.

And it is worth noting that Emma Coronel boasts great physical attributes, which are complimented on social networks, where you could even compare her incredible rear with that of Jennifer López herself.

Emma Coronel rearguard

PHOTO: Instagram. @emmacoronell_fans

In a photo shared by the account @emmacoronell_fans, Emma Coronel appears looking at the landscape of what appears to be the streets of New York.

In it, Chapo’s wife watched the landscape from the balcony, while showing off some black leggings that strongly highlighted her incredible rear, her long black hair falling down her shoulders.

Although this photograph was shared last August 2019, before its detention, Emma Coronel was already called as “queen” by various followers of the page.

Jennifer Lopez

PHOTO: Instagram. @Jennifer Lopez

Of course Jennifer López is not far behind, since despite the fact that our beloved JLo is already around 50 years old, the singer still maintains her good and worked body, which has been the envy of many since the beginning of her career .

In a photograph shared on her Instagram account, Jennifer López can be seen looking through a large glass window, while she was showing off tight white pants, which, like Emma Coronel, made her rear stand out even more.

It should be noted that Emma Coronel has not only distinguished herself by being the wife of one of the best-known drug traffickers in the world, but also because the woman 31 years old, from a young age, has participated in various beauty contests, which positioned her as one of the most beautiful in her town.

In another photograph you can see the gifts that Emma Coronel has for modeling, since Chapo’s wife and former beauty queen now appeared posing in what appears to be a rocky tunnel.

In the publication, Emma Coronel was leaning on her back against the rocky wall of that place, while she looked at the other end of the wall, in it, Chapo’s wife showed off tight denim leggings, exposing her incredible butt.

Chiquis Rivera, Emma Coronel, Jennifer López

PHOTO: Instagram. @emmacoronell_fans

Although it is not known where this photograph was taken, many users of the @emmacoronell_fans page commented that it was Guanajuato, while others argued that it was the tunnel through which her husband El Chapo escaped.

Let us remember that not only Jennifer López has an incredible body, since also Jenni Rivera’s daughter, Chiquis has a lot to show off, since the singer is not far behind and decides to fight them.

In a snapshot, it is possible to see Lupillo Rivera’s niece posing in a dark place, which implied that it was a forest or a field.

Chiquis Rivera Jennifer Lopez

PHOTO: Instagram. Chiquis Rivera placeholder image

In the image, Chiquis Rivera showed off tailored brown leggings and a plaid vest, the same sky blue color, these garments made the incredible body and rear guard that the woman stand out even more. daughter Jenni Rivera has constantly bragged on social media, giving Emma Coronel and Jennifer López a “difficult battle”.

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