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Thieves attack train with stones (VIDEO)

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  • Thieves Attack Train in Mexico.
  • Viral Video on TikTok.
  • Railway Safety at Risk.

This chilling incident has left the Hispanic community in shock.

A group of individuals was captured on video attacking a moving train with stones in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.

The footage of the attack was shared on TikTok by the user «h.armijo», who works on the train that was targeted.

The video depicts a group of assailants hurling stones at the driver’s cabin.

Thieves Attack Train mercilessly

thieves attack, train, mexico, monterrey, vandalism
PHOTO: Storyblocks

The attack, which occurred in broad daylight, has ignited significant concern within the local community and across social media.

From the footage, it’s evident that there were no police units on site to intervene and halt the violence.

Eyewitnesses allege that these individuals boarded the train intending to steal scrap metal from the carriages.

Based on eyewitness accounts, it’s estimated that groups of 30 to 60 individuals participated in this act of vandalism.

Internet users react to the incident

stones, stones, crime, thieves, tiktok
PHOTO: Storyblocks

The incident took place in a neighborhood known as a «red zone», where the presence and intervention of authorities are notably absent.

Social media platforms have been inundated with comments and reactions from users who vehemently denounce the vandalism carried out by these perpetrators.

Many are imploring the authorities to address this situation.

They are also calling for measures to ensure the safety of train employees.

moments of terror

authorities, viral, driver, railway
PHOTO: Storyblocks

The viral video on TikTok captures harrowing moments as stones shatter the driver’s cabin glass.

This footage serves as stark evidence of the violence that railway workers endure in their daily duties.

The safety of the employees and the integrity of the railway infrastructure are in jeopardy.

There’s an urgent need for effective measures to shield those who run and uphold the railway system.

Thieves attack: Citizens demand answers

aggression, violence, Nuevo León, popular colony,
PHOTO: Storyblocks

To date, local authorities have yet to release an official statement concerning the incident.

Residents of Monterrey are anxious to hear the authorities’ response.

This event further underscores concerns about security and monitoring in areas labeled as «red zones.»

The community is left wondering why these zones appear to be overlooked by officials.

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