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The film actress Mónica Cervera lives on the streets after her success on the screen

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Mónica Cervera life on the street (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Mónica Cervera lives on the street.
  • The film actress is destitute.
  • Reactions on social networks.

The life of Mónica Cervera, the actress from Malaga who once dazzled in the Spanish film industry, has undergone an unforeseen transformation.

Celebrated for her exceptional role in ‘Crimen Ferpecto’ and her nomination for a Goya Award, she now leads a life markedly different from her past.

Choosing to step away entirely from the glamour of fame and red carpets, she has embraced a far simpler existence.

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Now, her residence is a park bench in Marbella, where she has chosen to lead a simpler life, far removed from the limelight.

Her days of acclaim on the big screen are now in the past, as reported by the news outlet ‘El Mundo’.

Her sole possessions are a backpack and a bag of clothes, with her home being a bench in a Marbella park.

Despite having sought assistance from official organizations in Malaga, her situation appears dire, as she has stated, ‘no one has paid attention to me.’

Street life and personal decisions

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Photo: Getty Images

However, Mónica firmly dismisses the idea of returning to her previous life in television and film, affirming her contentment with her current situation.

‘I don’t need anything from anyone. I was in that world once, but I never want to go back. I’m fine as I am, I don’t want to talk about that past,’ the actress declared.

Even though her family owns a house in Malaga, Mónica has consciously chosen to live on the streets, insisting on respect for her decision.

‘They need to respect me. I want them to leave me alone and let me live as I have chosen,’ the artist stated, as reported by ‘Milenio’.

Mónica Cervera faces a situation of homelessness

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Photo: Shutterstock

Despite facing challenges, she has arranged a meeting with social services to seek stability in her current circumstances, as detailed by ‘El Mundo’.

‘I have an appointment with them on January 25. All I want is some stability,’ she disclosed, according to the mentioned source.

Her career dates back to its inception in 1999, beginning with a starring role in a short film directed by Ramón Salazar, titled ‘Hongos’.

Following that short film, she appeared in notable movies such as ‘Octavia’, ‘Piedras’, and ’20 centímetros’, as reported by the media outlet ‘Milenio’.

Career within cinema

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Photo: Shutterstock

Not only did she make a mark on the big screen, but she also excelled in theater, with her involvement in plays like ‘The Woman Who Came at Six.’

Her career reached its zenith with her performance in ‘Crimen Ferpecto’, a role that garnered her a Goya Award nomination.

However, despite her success in the entertainment industry, she now prefers a life away from the cameras and spotlights, opting for a more tranquil existence.

The actress has shared her current situation on social media, sparking a debate among users who express a range of opinions about her new life on the streets.

Reactions and reflections on fame and life

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Mónica Cervera lives on the street-Photo: Shutterstock

«Mónica, I offer you a roof to sleep in», «Thank you Mónica for not hiding your situation», «Something is wrong with this woman on a mental level», some commented.

Mónica Cervera was once at the top of the Spanish film industry, but now, she finds herself immersed in a different reality.

Far from the glamor of acting and looking for a quieter and more peaceful existence. reflectorsis how Mónica has decided to be, stated ‘El Mundo‘ and ‘Milenio‘.

The story of this actress, who has chosen a life less conventional generates reflections on the different trajectories that fame can take. HERE a picture.

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