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Was missing Mexican singer Rogelio Montes partying with his mistress?

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Missing singer Rogelio Montes (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Rogelio Montes has been found.
  • The Mexican singer was reported missing.
  • Was he partying with his mistress?

After a member of Grupo Palomo was reported missing, the truth comes out.

The band has stated that singer Rogelio Montes is being kicked out of the group.

According to new information, he was with his mistress.

It’s also being reported that his wife is pregnant.


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Photo: Shutterstock

Fans of Grupo Palomo spent hours in anguish and despair after Rogelio Montes was reported missing.

The group shared a missing poster and pleaded for information on social media.

But the plot took an unexpected turn when it emerged that Rogelio Montes had run off with his mistress.

According to TVNotas, the couple was found at the Hotel City Gil de Tuxpan after police received an anonymous 911 call.

His mistress is married too!

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This revelation opened a new chapter in the story and added an element of drama that captured the attention of netizens.

According to Mexican media, the pair was taken to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

They told authorities that they weren’t ‘missing’ and that the woman Rogelio was with is also married.

The woman’s husband was informed that she was in custody and he came to get her.

Montes’ wife is pregnant

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Authorities released the regional Mexican singer to Grupo Palomo’s legal representative.

But that’s not all! An even more surprising detail emerged: Montes, apparently, is expecting a baby with his wife.

His wife had been desperately searching for him after he was reported missing.

This revelation added another layer to the scandal surrounding Rogelio Montes

The pair didn’t care that their loved ones were worried

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Photo: Shutterstock

Mexican media is reporting that the couple spent four days in a hotel in Tuxpan.

Although the missing poster was shared on social media, the pair ignored the uproar and decided to to continue partying at the hotel.

A friend of the young woman said they had attended Tuxpán Expo where they met the members of the group, according to TVNotas.

The woman decided to return home, while her friend decided to spend time with the Grupo Palomo singer

Rogelio’s wife was worried

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Photo: Shutterstock

Rogelio Montes’ wife reported the singer’s disappearance on social media and asked for help in finding him.

After it was revealed he’d been located by authorities, she did not hesitate to share a message on Facebook.

«Friends, family, Rogelio has already appeared, he is in the state of Tuxpan,» said Abigail, the singer’s pregnant wife.

«I thank you all for your chain of prayers, my husband is fine,» she declared.

Rogelio Montes’ wife has a high-risk pregnancy

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Photo: Shutterstock

Abigail is pregnant and, according to TVNotas, it’s a high-risk pregnancy, so this ordeal could be especially harmful

«As Rogelio’s wife, I ask for respect, I ask that you respect my health and the integrity of our daughter,» she posted on Facebook.

«I have nothing to say about what is being reported,» she said regarding the rumors of infidelity.

At the moment, Rogelio Montes has not made a statement since it was reported he’d been kicked out of the group.

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