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Miss Universe Sheynnis Palacios posts a makeup-free selfie

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Sheynnis Palacios makeup-free selfie / PHOTO Getty Images
  • Sheynnis Palacios’ makeup-free selfie.
  • The new Miss Universe is changing beauty standards.
  • She sends a powerful message.

The night of November 18 marked a milestone in the Miss Universe 2023 pageant with the crowning of Sheynnis Palacios as the winner.

Representing Nicaragua, Palacios has not only showcased her dazzling beauty but also her authenticity, challenging the established beauty standards in the industry.

Her Instagram posts have been a window into her realness and have garnered the attention of nearly a million followers.

Now, after winning the renowned beauty pageant, her makeup-free selfies have surfaced.

Sheynnis Palacios’ makeup-free selfies

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PHOTO: Getty Images – Archive MundoNOW

At 23, Palacios has impacted the world by revealing her true self on social media.

In a world where makeup is often a fundamental tool for shaping the perception of beauty, Sheynnis has defied that norm.

This is evident in her many selfies where she appears without a hint of makeup, celebrating her natural glow and promoting self-acceptance.

She can be seen enjoying the serenity of the beach in a series of Instagram photos.

She radiates authenticity

Sheynnis Palacios makeup-free selfie, Miss Universe, pageant, selfie
PHOTO Getty Images – Archive MundoNOW

Wearing a tiny two-piece bikini, Sheynnis Palacios’ radiant smile and self-confidence are palpable as she playfully enjoys the sand.

These snapshots not only capture her natural glow but also convey a powerful message about self-acceptance and personal confidence.

The young beauty queen has used her social media platform to inspire her followers to embrace their authenticity and defy society’s imposed expectations.

Her messages have resonated deeply, making her a role model for young people around the world.

Winner of Miss Universe 2023

Nicaragua, Winner, Instagram, MundoNOW
PHOTO Getty Images – Archive MundoNOW

Sheynnis Palacios’s story is not just that of a beauty queen but that of a woman who has challenged established norms and encouraged others to do the same.

Her presence in the pageant world represents a significant shift toward accepting and celebrating the diversity of beauty in all its forms.

Upon being crowned Miss Universe 2023, Palacios expressed her gratitude and commitment to continue being an example of authenticity and empowerment.

Her impact transcends the pageant stage, leaving an enduring mark on the pageant industry and society as a whole.

Her natural beauty

Nicaragua, Winner, Beauty Pageant, Instagram, MundoNOW
PHOTO Getty Images – Archive MundoNOW

Sheynnis Palacios’s message is clear — there is no single definition of beauty.

She has redefined traditional beauty standards.

She has elevated the voices of those seeking acceptance and appreciation in a world that often sets unrealistic expectations.

Sheynnis Palacios has not only won the Miss Universe 2023 crown but also the hearts and admiration of those who see her as a beacon of authenticity.

Fans react to Sheynnis Palacios’ makeup-free selfie

Sheynnis Palacios makeup-free selfie, miss universe, beauty pageant, MundoNOW
PHOTO Getty Images – Archive MundoNOW

The Nicaraguan beauty has conquered us all with self-confidence in a world that constantly seeks superficial perfection.

Her legacy will endure as a reminder that true beauty lies in being true to oneself.

Her Instagram posts were flooded with compliments.

“Very beautiful Sheynnis.” “I love her. May she always be our queen.” “That hair color doesn’t go with her beauty.” “Full of life and joy.” To view the photo, click HERE.

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