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Miss Ecuador is devastated by the assassination of presidential candidate

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Miss Ecuador assassination of Fernando Villavicencio (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Miss Ecuador addresses violence.
  • Delary Stoffers speaks out on TV.
  • Fernando Villavicencio was killed on August 9.

A terrible incident occurred on Wednesday, August 9 in Ecuador when a rally turned into an assassination.

Presidential candidate, Fernando Villavicencio, was shot to death in the capital of Ecuador.

In the face of the violent death of the Ecuadorian politician, various public figures have spoken out about what happened.

Among them is Miss Ecuador, Delary Stoffers, who discussed the shooting on TV.

Miss Ecuador addresses the political assassination

Miss Universe Silhouette
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Miss Ecuador was a special guest on the morning show Hoy Día, where she spoke about the disturbing news.

Mainly, Delary Stoffers was there to talk about her role as Miss Ecuador and her responsibilities.

However, she took advantage of the moment to discuss the tragic incident that occurred in her country.

Just one day after the assassination of one of the presidential candidates, the Ecuadorian beauty queen expressed her concerns.

Delary Stoffers addresses the tragedy

Miss Ecuador is devastated by the assassination of presidential candidate
PHOTO Shutterstock

«It is a very unfortunate event. Violence has overtaken my country every day,» said Miss Ecuador about Villavicencio’s death.

«I send all citizens my deepest strength,» she added, extending support to her countrymen in these violent times.

«I know that this is a moment that will pass,» said Stoffers, referring to the wave of violence currently plaguing Ecuador.

In addition, she expressed faith that, after the elections in her country, a positive change will emerge benefiting.

Miss Ecuador’s optimism

Miss Ecuador is devastated
PHOTO Shutterstock

Delary Stoffers is hopeful that the elections in her country will bring about a significant change in the wave of violence.

«I have a lot of faith and conviction that after this presidency (…) a change can already be seen,» said Miss Universe.

«That it is not the same method that has been used against violence and that now there are more forceful methods,» she said.

It’s evident she deeply wishes for the situation in Ecuador to improve.

Fernando Villavicencio’s assassination

Candidate Fernando Villavicencio

On August 9, the tragic incident in Quito, Ecuador’s capital, was confirmed.

Presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio was assassinated. He was shot multiple times by unidentified individuals.

This occurred as he was leaving an electoral rally for his campaign in a central area of Quito.

The news was confirmed by the Ecuadorian government, according to the EFE agency.

Panic in the streets of Quito

Panic during shooting
PHOTO: Getty Images

The tragic incident caused panic among the residents of Quito, the Ecuadorian capital.

The chaos erupted late Wednesday Wednesday afternoon outside a coliseum, according to EFE.

There, Villavicencio was meeting with several of his campaign supporters.

All of this took place in the context of the electoral campaign leading up to the presidential election on August 20.

Wave of violence in Ecuador

Moments of panic in Ecuador
PHOTO: Getty Images

Villavicencio’s murder took place at a time when Ecuador is suffering a wave of violence.

This, according to EFE, is due to criminal gangs in the country.

There are daily reports of murders, extortions and bombings, among other types of crimes.

This has sown terror among Ecuadorians who have been victims of this violence for two years.


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