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Miss Dominican Republic unleashes a scandal with her first artistic nude (PHOTO)

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  • Miss Dominican Republic surprises everyone with artistic nude photo
  • Kimberly Jiménez shows off her incredible figure
  • The model was in the top 5 in the Miss Universe pageant

Miss Dominican Republic Kimberly Jiménez artistic nude. After the Miss Universe 2021 beauty contest finished, where Latinas stood out in the top 5 and where Mexico would take the crown home thanks to the model Andrea Meza, one of the participants who stood out the most was the representative of the Dominican Republic, Kimberly Jiménez, who has captivated the public with her beauty.

The Dominican model unleashed a scandal in social networks, when she posted a shocking photo on her Instagram account where she is seen posing for the camera with an artistic nude, leaving her body exposed and delighting her fans.

Miss Dominican Republic amazes with photo of heart attack

Kimberly Jiménez artistic nude Miss Universe Dominican Republic
PHOTO Instagram

It should be remembered that last Sunday the Latin models dominated in the beauty pageant, where in the top 5 were the representative of Brazil, Julia Gama, there was also Janick Maceta, from Peru, the aforementioned Kimberly Jiménez; and of course, the new Miss Universe Andrea Meza, from Mexico. Being the representative of India, Adline Castelino, the only one who was not Latina.

After the contest, the 24-year-old model who represented the Dominican Republic made her first artistic nude, with which she left a great impression by showing off her statuesque figure and showing that she was deservedly in the first places of the beauty pageant.

Kimberly Jiménez performs her first artistic nude

Kimberly Jiménez artistic nude Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2
PHOTO Instagram

This being her first artistic nude, the Dominican Kimberly Jiménez was quite beautiful, appearing with an elegant pose, wearing a hat and stockings in an orange tone, igniting social networks for the Puerto Rican photographer Rick Acevedo on the Isla del Encanto, according to People in spanish.

The director of the Miss República Dominicana Universo franchise, Magali Febles, spoke with the magazine and praised the image of the 24-year-old model, mentioning that the makeup was done by Puerto Rican Louis Ernest: “It is a very beautiful photo. It is very fashionable and elegant; It shows that she was the one with the best body in the contest or one of the best, ”said Febles.

Kimberly Jiménez Artistic Nude: Dominican Pride

Kimberly Jiménez artistic nude Miss Universe Dominican Republic 3
PHOTO Instagram

The modeling expert Magali Febles said she was quite proud, both of the work team that helped Kimberly to be in the first places and of Jiménez, who says she raised the flag of her country, since she managed to position herself in the first 5 places of the contest, according to People en Español.

“He really prepared to win. We are happy, she is a winner because she reached the top 5, a position that our country had not reached since 2009. This achievement is very important for our country, it put us in a very good position in these times of pandemic that are very necessary to boost tourism, ”added Febles.

Kimberly Jiménez artistic nude: “Miss Universe let a real queen escape”

Kimberly Jiménez artistic nude Miss Universe Dominican Republic 4
PHOTO Instagram

Users were quick to be present in the comments, where several mentioned that the Dominican deserved to take the crown, and showed their support for the young woman who is now focused on her acting career, according to modeling expert Magali Febles, who spoke for People en Español magazine.

“She is born with class, I am Cuban, but my favorite was her”, “Miss Universe let a real queen escape … with a great heart and purpose in life”, “very beautiful, the face that I liked the most in the final painting ”,“ The most beautiful and intelligent ”,“ now they are going to contemplate their beauty, why didn’t they do it before, they reacted late ”, commented the followers.

Kimberly Jiménez artistic nude: “For all Dominicans, you won”

Kimberly Jiménez artistic nude Miss Universe Dominican Republic 5
PHOTO Instagram

“Your greatest potential is just outside your comfort zone. Keep it up! “, Was the heading that Kimberly Jiménez used in her Instagram post, where she appears doing her first artistic nude, immediately the followers sent their support for the young woman.

“I always said what did not help her win was the hairstyle and the dress, because that woman is beautiful”, “it does not matter if you did not win, you are a winner, thank you for taking the Dominican Republic high” you won “,” the fourth most beautiful woman in the universe “, were some of the messages.

Miss Universe answers questions from Rodner Figueroa

PHOTO YouTube Al Rojo Vivo

Not only do they think that Kimberly should have won, since since she was crowned Miss Universe, the Mexican Andrea Meza has been in the eye of the hurricane and the criticism for beating Janick Maceta, considered the great favorite, has made her ‘see her luck ‘, Andrea Meza began her reign and her tour through different media, one of those who was able to speak with her was the presenter of’ Al Rojo Vivo ‘, Rodner Figueroa, who questioned her about everything.

Rodner Figueroa interviewed Andrea Meza and before showing the video, he assured that the Mexican is ‘charming’: “I finally understood why she won, the more you talk to her, the more you understand why she is so complete and I asked her about an amulet of the luck that she was going to bring to the contest and in addition to a ‘friend’ who was out there supporting her ”, she began by saying.

Andrea Meza was delighted with Rodner Figueroa


At the beginning of her interview, the Mexican assured that she had only slept an hour, but nevertheless she was very happy and with all the energy to look regal and helped by her makeup and work equipment and ‘hide’ the imperfections of being exhausted and not to be able to rest.

“I got on that stage from the beginning with that thought (it’s my crown), because I always say, if you don’t believe it, no one is going to believe it …”, said Miss Universe regarding the mentality she had since that started the contest in which she was finally the winner.

Andrea Meza had an amulet that helped her win


Rodner Figueroa shared that Andrea Meza had a ‘secret’ amulet that helped her get ahead while she was in the contest in which, incidentally, she was alone because her mother had to undergo emergency surgery for a head tumor that it was detected.

“I had it backstage (a medal with the flag of Mexico), because it was impossible with me because I said ‘well I put it in the neckline’, but I couldn’t because the dress had enormous transparency, but it was guardedita, but it was with me ”Commented Andrea Meza. Filed under Kimberly Jiménez artistic nude Miss Universe Dominican Republic

Why did Miss Peru Janick Maceta lose?


When ‘the bets’ were in favor of the participant Janick Maceta, Miss Peru, Andrea Meza arrived to change all that and with dignity resulted in the Miss Universe crown, but much has been said if there were ‘secrets’ kept by which Mexico was with the victory, so Rodner Figueroa did not hesitate to question:

“The three Mexican Miss Universes have worn reddish colors, is it something that you had planned for the final?”, Asked the presenter, but the Mexican replied: “Not really, however that dress came to me and I saw it and I said ‘spectacular’ and that’s how I decided to use it, ”he said. Filed under Kimberly Jiménez artistic nude Miss Universe Dominican Republic

Who would have won if Andrea Meza had not been Miss Universe?


The question that everyone wanted to know in the midst of the controversy over the triumph of Andrea Meza, arose: If Andrea Meza had not won Miss Universe, who would have liked to be the one to take her place? Faced with criticism for the alleged ‘fraud’ to Miss Peru, Janick Maceta, she replied:

“What a difficult question because you know what, we were four Latinas, India was also a beautiful girl, so it was very difficult to choose who … Brazil definitely came to the place that she arrived because she is a very prepared woman, in fact Peru also and I made a lot of connection with them and it is difficult for me to choose one ”, expressed Andrea Meza. Filed under Kimberly Jiménez artistic nude Miss Universe Dominican Republic

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