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Miami businessman Manuel Marín gets life in prison for killing his wife’s lover

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  • Manuel Marín sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Camilo Salazar.
  • The interior designer had an affair with the businessman’s wife.
  • Salazar was kidnapped and tortured.

Despite the fact that the crime happened more than a decade ago, justice has finally been served in the of a Florida businessman who murdered his wife’s lover in the most vile way possible.

Camilo Salazar met a very tragic ending after Manuel Marín discovered that his wife was having an affair with him. They Florida tycoon had him kidnapped and tortured.

Miami businessman sentenced to life for killing his wife’s lover

Millionaire businessman sentenced for killing his wife's lover
PHOTO: Twitter

According to El Heraldo de México, Manuel Marín owned a large supermarket chain in Florida. When he found out about his wife’s infidelity with interior designer, he had Camilo Salazar killed.

Jenny, the businessman’s wife lived in a large and «lonely» house in Miami, Florida. She complained that her husband was never around.

Jenny Marín began an affair with Camilo Salazar

Millionaire businessman from Florida receives sentence after heinous crime against his wife's lover
PHOTO: Twitter

Jenny wound up having an affair with Camilo, who was also married. The couple began meeting at hotels. In February 2011, Marín sent Salazar a warning.

On a family trip on his yacht, Marin told Jenny that he loved her and to «stop whatever you’re doing» or else she was going to cause a «misfortune». Jenny ignored him and continued seeing her lover.

How did the murder happen?

How did the murder happen?
PHOTO: Twitter

Upon learning the affair was continuing, the Florida businessman hired three hitmen to brutally torture his wife’s lover. Among other things, they burned his genitals. Camilo’s corpse was found in a forest with his throat slit, according to El Heraldo de Mexico.

Ariel Gandulla, a former mixed martial arts fighter, was one of the killers Marin hired. Cuban Olympic wrestling champion, Alexis Vila Perdomo orchestrated the kidnapping along with Roberto Isaac. Marin was arrested in 2018 in Spain.

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