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Mila de Jesús, famous 35-year-old Brazilian influencer, dies

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Mila de Jesús dies, Sadness, Pain, MundoNow, News
(PHOTO: Shutterstock) Mila de Jesús dies
  • Mila de Jesús, famous influencer, dies.
  • Disease affected 80% of her body.
  • A shocking physical transformation.

In a surprising and heartbreaking turn, the well-known Brazilian influencer Mila de Jesús died at the age of 35, leaving her more than 50 thousand followers on Instagram in shock.

The news, reported by ‘The Sun’, reveals that the influencer recently underwent gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight.

The young mother lost her life unexpectedly due to a suspected cardiac arrest.

However, as the hours have progressed, more details have been released about a medical condition she suffered from.

Mila de Jesús dies: Her life changed completely

gastric sleeve, psoriasis, social networks
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Mila, originally from Brazil but living in Boston with her family, had publicly shared her struggle with psoriasis.

This is a skin disease that affected her during the last three months of her life, according to ‘The Sun’ newspaper.

Psoriasis a condition that affects 125 million people worldwide according to the National Psoriasis Foundation.

This disease commonly manifests itself through scaly and itchy spots on the skin, according to reports made by said American newspaper.

Mila de Jesús’s daughter confirms the news

 physical transformation, health, Instagram, sadness
PHOTO: Shutterstock

The news of her sudden departure was confirmed by her daughter Anna Clara, who shared an emotional message on Instagram:

«I, Anna Clara, send this note of condolences. We are very saddened by the death of our beautiful mother,» she wrote.

«We thank you for all the prayers and condolences. Keep praying for us. Thank you.»

The influencer leaves four children from a previous marriage, according to ‘The Sun’.

Dies after a tough battle

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Mila de Jesús dies PHOTO: Shutterstock

In October of last year, Mila de Jesús had publicly revealed her battle against psoriasis, which covered 80% of her body.

Despite being an incurable condition, many sufferers can manage the symptoms with topical ointments and phototherapy, according to reports from ‘The Sun’.

The news of her departure has shocked her followers, who will remember her for her honesty in sharing her health challenges on social media.

The month before her death, in November 2023, Mila de Jesús shared with her followers a surprising before and after of her physical transformation.

Mila’s drastic makeover

departure, authenticity, shock, legacy, empathy,
PHOTO: Shutterstock

In one image she was seen with a few extra kilos, while in the other she showed off an impressive change posing in a bikini.

In the description of the publication, she expressed: «On one side Mila, 22 years old, and on the other Mila, 35, how much we change, how we grow and how we learn,» she wrote at that time.

The news of her death has generated deep sorrow in the social media community.

Remembering Mila de Jesús as an influencer who not only shared her journey of physical transformation, but also bravely dealt with the challenges of her health.

Tragedy in the digital world

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Mila de Jesús dies PHOTO: Shutterstock

Her departure leaves a void in the online community that will continue to remember her for her authenticity and connection with her followers.

In a digital world where life on the social media often presented in an idealized manner, the tragic death of Mila de Jesús shocked many.

Also, it serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy and online support that was quickly noticed by her followers.

The influencer, despite her own struggles, managed to positively impact those who followed her, creating a genuine connection (SEE A PHOTO BY CLICKING HERE).

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