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Mijares makes an unexpected ‘declaration’ to Lucero

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Mijares makes Lucero statement (Photo: Mezcalent )
  • Emmanuel Mijares makes a statement about Lucero.
  • Did Lucerito witnessed his parents’ ‘nonsense’!
  • I hope life brings them together again.

MIJARES THROWS MAJOR SHADE AT LUCERO! Tension reached its peak during the ‘Voice Game’ show as the most famous former couple in Hispanic entertainment squared off.

The sweetheart of America was caught off guard by her ex-husband’s pointed remark that left more than one person in shock.

The incident unfolded while their daughter, Lucerito, was in the audience witnessing this dramatic moment, even fueling rumors of a potential reconciliation.

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PHOTO: Mezcalo

On a night filled with music, laughter, and surprises, Lucero and her daughter, Lucerito, faced off in a musical challenge against renowned singers Emmanuel Mijares and Daniela Romo.

However, in the midst of the competition, Lucero and Mijares shared one of the most ‘fiery’ moments of the night as they reunited on stage.

«Lucero, what do you prefer: for Lucerito to win or for Mijares to lose?» was the question posed by Angélica Vale that sparked the competition.

«Well, with all due respect, my Dani, I’d rather Mijares lose, no problem,» Lucero asserted on ‘Voice Game’.

Does he want reconciliation?

Daniela Romo, dynamics, music, piques, fun, Ok, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalo

The event, which took place recently, became one of the standout moments of the show, where emotions ran high and the rivalry between the teams was palpable.

Tension mounted with each performance, and it was then that Mijares decided to respond to Lucero’s words with a song from his repertoire.

«Allow me, allow me, I have to speak,» declared Mijares, beginning to sing: «If you had me, why did you cross the border into another body, why did you leap into the abyss of other kisses.»

«If you had me every morning in the reflection of my dreams, if you had me…,» Lucero continued, looking at Mijares. «I’ve even learned it by heart now!» declared the sweetheart of America.

Does Lucerito Mijares know something that others don’t?

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Photo: Mezcalo

Seeing the response from her parents, Lucerito Mijares didn’t miss the chance to start teasing them, while the audience chanted «kiss, kiss…»

«They like each other, lovebirds,» joked Lucerito, witnessing the complicity between her parents, showcasing the relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere reigning on stage.

«They’re going to kiss each other’s mouths…» declared Angélica Vale, as the attendees couldn’t help but burst into laughter at the unfolding situation.

The musical dynamic not only stood out for the competition between the artists but also for the camaraderie and fun atmosphere that prevailed throughout the event.

«I hope life brings them together again»

emotion, laughter, jokes, family, camaraderie, chemistry, stage, victory, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalo

The chemistry between Lucero, Lucerito, Mijares, and Romo was evident, demonstrating that beyond the rivalry on stage, there is a deep respect and admiration among them. TO WATCH VIDEO, CLICK HERE.

Moreover, the audience was charmed by the displays of affection from the participants, leading them to express their desire to see Mijares and Lucero together.

«I hope life brings them back together again,» «I loved the song and Lucero learned it,» «I love that couple… Their relationship is amazing,» they commented.

«Both of them can cross the border, come back, and that’s it,» «This couple is an example that if there are separations, it can be done peacefully and for the well-being of their children,» they asserted.

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