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Miguel Cortés Miranda confesses to murder

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Miguel Cortés Miranda killed, victims, serial killer- Miguel Cortés Miranda mataba, víctimas, asesino serial, México, MundoNOW
Miguel Cortés Miranda confesses to murder (PHOTO: X screenshot)
  • Miguel Cortés Miranda confesses to murder.
  • Chilling details from a serial killer.
  • He is compared to Jeffrey Dahmer.

When truth is stranger than fiction…. As the days go by, more details are revealed about a terrifying serial killer in Mexico.

Recently, it was disclosed how Miguel Cortés Miranda killed his victims. To date, eight women have been identified.

Due to the nature of this case, the professional pharmacobiologist is being called the ‘Mexican Jeffrey Dahmer.’

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Miguel Cortés Miranda confesses to murder

confession, crime, hearing, CDMX, MundoNOW, Miguel Cortés Miranda killed
PHOTO: X screenshot

Journalist Carlos Jiménez, shared several videos from the accused serial killer’s hearing.

In one of them, Miguel Cortés Miranda describes how he killed his victims, specifically the last one, María José.

«When a body is suffocated, you remove the hands and there is raspy breathing. That’s very normal,» he stated.

With a shocking calmness, he revealed that he looked in the kitchen for a plastic bag to put over his victim’s face to speed things up.

‘Now things are much worse’

Miguel Cortés Miranda killed, social networks, video, Carlos Jiménez, MundoNOW
PHOTO: X Capture

In another video, Miguel Cortés Miranda continues to describe how he killed his last victim.

«There was a knife in the place. I didn’t think about it, I was still in my frenzy and said: ‘Now things are much worse.'»

On the other hand, the ‘Mexican Jeffrey Dahmer’ revealed that he had «no choice» but to kill María José’s mother Cassandra.

«This time, I used a bladed weapon, a knife, I don’t remember if it had a wooden handle, but it seemed to me that it did, and it had a kind of saw.» To see the videos where Miguel Cortés Miranda confesses click HERE and HERE.

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