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Candidate for mayor Miguel Ángel Zavala is shot to death in Michoacán, Mexico

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Miguel Ángel Zavala murdered, Killed, Candidate, MundoNow, News
Miguel Ángel Zavala murdered (PHOTO: Shutterstock)
  • They confirm a terrible tragedy in Mexico
  • They give important details about what happened
  • They have not been able to locate those responsible

On Monday, February 26, the murder of Miguel Ángel Zavala, a Morena candidate for the mayorship of Maravatío, a municipality in the Mexican state of Michoacán, was confirmed.

The tragic event underscores the escalating political violence in the region. Zavala, committed to his community, sought to lead positive changes in the municipality.

Authorities have not yet identified the perpetrators, but this cowardly act underscores the urgency of addressing the problem of violence in Mexico.

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On Monday evening, while leaving San Ángel Clinic in the Rancho La Huerta neighborhood in Maravatío, the candidate was ambushed and shot at as he headed towards his vehicle.

Shortly after the violent incident, municipal police officers arrived at the scene, which they have since cordoned off, according to information from ‘EFE’.

As of now, no further details have been provided regarding the incident, and available information remains scarce at this time.

The community is in shock over this tragic episode, underscoring the vulnerability of those who seek to serve their communities and the escalating violence in the region.

They attack another candidate

tragedy, Mexico, details, murder, mundonow
Miguel Ángel Zavala is murdered PHOTO: Shutterstock

On October 19, 2023, Dagoberto García Reyes, a Morena leader with aspirations for the mayoralty of Maravatío, was kidnapped followed by a brutal shooting murder.

Maravatío, located 100 kilometers from the state capital, Morelia, is engulfed in an atmosphere of violence.

In this region, criminal organizations such as the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), La Familia Michoacana, and Los Caballeros Templarios operate, vying for control of illicit activities.

This tragic incident underscores the dangerous situation faced by political leaders and the community at large in this area.

The insecurity of the candidates

Miguel Ángel Zavala, Morena, mayor's office, Maravatío, News
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Recently, the civil organization Data Cívica reported that during January, at least five candidates or aspirants to public office were assassinated in Mexico.

According to the report titled ‘Voting Amid Bullets,’ the number of homicides linked to political-electoral violence rises to 20 if public officials are also included.

This concerning increase in violence reflects an alarming challenge to the democratic process in the country.

Authorities must take urgent measures to ensure the security of candidates and the free exercise of citizens’ will in the upcoming elections.

Murders in the Aztec country

Michoacán, violence, region, leader, Impact
Miguel Ángel Zavala is murdered PHOTO: Shutterstock

The murders in January add to the 11 documented since mid-2023, when the current electoral process began, which ends on June 2.

This alarming trend fits into a broader context: from January 2018 to December 2023.

The organization has documented a total of 105 murders of candidates, pre-candidates, and former candidates.

These figures demonstrate the serious violence that threatens the integrity of the democratic process in Mexico, highlighting the urgency of ensuring the security of participants.

The next elections in Mexico

 Jalisco New Generation, CJNG, The Michoacana Family, The Knights Templar, Tragedy
Miguel Ángel Zavala is murdered PHOTO: Screenshot Twitter El Universal

On June 2nd, Mexico is gearing up to hold its largest elections ever, with the participation of millions of citizens.

Over 97 million people will vote to renew 20,375 federal positions, including the Presidency, 500 seats in the Chamber of Deputies, and 128 in the Senate.

Additionally, nine state governments will be elected. This event represents a crucial milestone in the country’s democratic process.

The massive participation of citizens in this process reflects their commitment to exercising their civic rights and the consolidation of democracy in Mexico. SEE IMAGES BY MIGUEL ÁNGEL HERE.

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