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Over 100 migrants storm the border in El Paso

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Migrants storm the border in Texas (Photo: AP)
  • Migrants storm the border in El Paso.
  • Tension over anti-immigrant law.
  • Video shows border confrontation.

On Thursday, March 21, hundreds of immigrants gathered at the border between Mexico and the United States.

This follows days of tension in Texas due to the new anti-immigrant law.

Now, a video is being circulated showing images of a group of immigrants breaking through razor wire in El Paso.

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Migrants storm the border in Texas

Immigrants try to enter the border, United States, Texas, El Paso, Immigrants
Photo: Shutterstock

In a dramatic episode at the border between Mexico and the United States, a group of over 100 immigrants sparked a tense situation by attempting to irregularly enter the U.S.

The incident, witnessed by reporters from The New York Post, revealed scenes of desperation.

Migrants on the Mexican side clashed with the National Guard.

The situation unfolded amidst a growing influx of migrants to the southern border, described by some as a «spring surge» of individuals seeking asylum in the United States.

Hundreds of immigrants at the border

Border, United States, Texas, El Paso, Immigrants
Photo: Shutterstock

Close to 600 migrants gathered on the Mexican side of the border, facing off against the Texas National Guard, which was attempting to contain them in smaller groups to prevent chaos.

The scene became even more intense when women and children were separated from adult men, leading to cries of anguish and pleas for help from the migrants.

Despite children already being prepared for processing, tension persisted and culminated in a physical confrontation.

This clash occurred when a group of men managed to bring down part of the border wall, directly confronting the guards.

Confrontation breaks out

Border, Texas, El Paso, Immigrants, Greg Abbott,
FOTO Shutterstock

A video captured by The New York Post, shows some migrants attempting to surrender by raising their hands.

However, the same footage shows others pushing against the guards to make their way towards the border gate.

The Texas National Guard was forced to swiftly intervene to secure the area, facing migrants who outnumbered the agents.

The confrontation included tense verbal exchanges, with one guard shouting, «Back the f*** up!» while standing firm against the crowd.

Moments of tension at the border

Border, Texas, El Paso, Immigrants, Greg Abbott,
Photo: Shutterstock

Sources close to the incident reported that the group of migrants was eventually expelled back to Mexico following the confrontation, according to The New York Post.

This episode is part of a broader context of increased migrant arrivals to the El Paso region in recent days.

The city’s immigrant panel shows concerning figures, with thousands of people detained under Border Patrol custody.

Additionally, hundreds are released daily in the United States to pursue asylum processes or under parole.

Response from border authorities

Migration crisis, United States, Mexico, SB4, MundoNOW
Photo: Getty Images vía MundoNOW Arcnhive

Texas has intensified its presence at the border with Operation Lone Star, led by Governor Greg Abbott.

Although recent legal measures such as SB4, which aimed to authorize arrests for illegal entry, have faced legal obstacles that have limited their implementation.

The border confrontation reflects the complexity and tension surrounding the immigration issue in the region.

It highlights the need to address these situations comprehensively and with approaches that consider both border security and the human rights of migrants. To watch the video, click HERE.

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