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Michigan Supreme Court rules Trump will stay on the state ballot

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Michigan Supreme Court, Donald Trump 2024, Insurrection Clause, Presidential Election
Michigan Supreme Court decision (Photos: Shutterstock)
  • Michigan Supreme Court rules in favor of Trump.
  • The former president will remain on the state ballot.
  • A group of voters appealed to have him removed.

The Michigan Supreme Court has generated controversy by rejecting an appeal filed by a group of voters in the state.

They wanted former President Donald Trump banned from the state ballot, citing the Constitution’s ‘insurrection clause.’

In a brief order, the state high court dismissed four voters’ request to review the Michigan Court of Appeals decision.

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Photo: MundoNOW

This means Donald Trump will remain on the Republican presidential primary ballot for 2024, according to the EFE agency.

The court, composed of seven judges, declared that it did not consider it necessary to review the issues raised, without signing the order or revealing the vote count.

The plaintiffs cited the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, which prohibits people who have participated in an insurrection from holding elected office.

This was enacted after the Civil War in 1868 to prevent people associated with the southern rebels of the Confederacy from seizing power.

Michigan Supreme Court decision: Trump remains on primary ballot

Former President, Candidacy, Presidency, United States, Impact
Photo: Shutterstock

Unlike Colorado, in Michigan the justices stated that the case raises a political question that should not be decided by the courts.

They immediately rejected the lawsuit without even hearing arguments, according to CBS News.

So far these decisions only affect Colorado and Michigan, since in the U.S. system each state is responsible for organizing the elections.

The EFE agency recently reported that the courts in Montana have also rejected a similar case.

Michigan Supreme Court rejects appeal

Appeals, Trial, Elections 2024, Candidate, President
Photo: Shutterstock

Judge Elizabeth Welch backed the Court of Appeals decision, stating that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson must put Trump on the ballot.

She said the lower court should have issued a more detailed ruling.

The Colorado court has suspended its verdict until January 4 to allow Trump time to appeal.

This temporarily keeps his name off that state’s presidential primary ballot.

What about the U.S. Supreme Court?

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«We have full confidence that the Supreme Court will quickly rule in our favor,» said spokesman Steven Cheung.

That move would leave the final decision on whether the 14th Amendment can be used in Trump’s case in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court, if it chooses to hear the appeal.

This would definitively determine whether or not the former president of the United States can run for president again in 2024.

Six of the nine members of the Supreme Court are considered conservative — three of them were appointed by Trump himself during his term.

Presidential primaries are starting next month

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The Republican primaries begin on January 15 with the Iowa caucuses and Trump is the favorite according to all the polls.

This means he would once again face Democrat Joe Biden in November.

The legal debate surrounding Trump’s candidacy is intensifying, with state courts taking different stances on his eligibility under the «insurrection clause.»

While Michigan supports its inclusion on the ballot, Colorado maintains a temporary suspension, leaving open the possibility of appeal by the former president.

Impact on the presidential election

Ballots, Debate, Ivanka Trump, Political repercussions, Michigan Supreme Court
Photo: The Associated Press

The Michigan Supreme Court’s decision, along with legal actions in other states, poses a complex scenario with long-term repercussions.

Trump’s case thus becomes a key reference point in electoral history, giving rise to various political debates.

This legal episode raises questions about the scope of the state authority to determine the eligibility of candidates in primary elections.

This creates uncertainty about Trump’s future.

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